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Is My Husband a Narcissist?

And if so, what do I do?


The Signs Were There

For years, I wasn’t sure what was wrong with my husband. I spent seven years trying to “fix” our marriage. Sometimes things were good, but it never lasted. I felt lost and helpless. He kept lying. He kept secrets. He kept having abusive anger outbursts. He kept using pornography. 

What Is A Narcissist?

In a nutshell, a narcissist is someone who is unable to interact in the world in a healthy, loving way. They have no sense of self – so they must obtain a sense of self from others. This leaves means they have no foundation for their behavior and it leaves them open to choices that hurt their wives and children. Men with narcissistic traits are dangerous. 

Narcissistic behaviors include:

  • Lying / Secrets
  • Pornography Use
  • Cheating Emotionally & Physically
  • Gaslighting
  • Obsessing About Perceived Slights
  • Anger disproportionate to the circumstance
  • Property Damage – punching walls, throwing things
  • Physical Intimidation – yelling and spitting in your face

I knew something was wrong. I felt like "me" was gone.

Therapists Were Telling Me How To “Fix” My Marriage, But It Was Fruitless

Many therapists or even clergy gave me advice. “Stop asking him so many questions” or “let him be a man”. Once I set boundaries for emotional safety, I started healing. With a network of support, you can too. Our specially trained professionals will NEVER suggest that you can stop the abuse by improving communication or having more sex. 

The Problem

Many professionals don’t recognize narcissists. They take the narcissist’s word as truth. They see both partners as equals and don’t realize the narcissist is lying, manipulating, and playing the victim. This enables the abuse.

The Solution

With support and truth, victims can get grounded in reality AND BEGIN HEALING. We can show you how.


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Emotional Safety is Possible

If you've been stuck in your husband's emotional & psychological abuse for years, these steps will help you end the chaos and feel peace.

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