Recommended Books


Why Does He Do That?

This book changed my life. Right after my husband was arrested and charged with domestic violence, I was so confused. I didn’t believe that my husband was actually abusive. This book helped me understand abuse in a way I never had before. Coach Gaelyn frequently uses this book to help women understand emotional abuse.

Daily Wisdom For Why Does He Do That?

Daily thoughts to help women as they’re recovering from the abuse and gaslighting related to their husband’s pornography addiction. Coach Gaelyn recommends this book for women healing from emotional abuse.

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse

A  MUST read when you find out about your husband’s lies and compulsive sexual activity. Gives you needed insight from women who understand. I LOVE this book.

The Journey From Abandonment To Healing

Helps women face and heal the trauma of abandonment.

The Abandonment Recovery Workbook

Overcome the heartbreak caused by the loss of love from divorce, breakup, or death, as well as the loss of a friend, a job, health or dreams.

Moving Beyond Betrayal

Specifically for wives, this book outlines, in detail, how to identify, create, and maintain boundaries as key self-care tools for healing and growth. It teaches women how to gain clarity, reduce the chaos, empower progress, and discover whether or not their relationship is salvageable. Coach Sarah uses this book to help women set and hold healthy boundaries.

Stop Caretaking The Borderline or Narcissist

Women often unknowingly take on the role of caretaker and get trapped in the drama and abuse. This book helps understand how to get out of the caretaking cycle.

Worthy Of Her Trust

A wonderful book about how a man can earn back his wife’s trust after sexual betrayal and emotional infidelity – including emotional abuse and narcissistic traits.

When Love Goes Wrong

Abused women likely don’t know they’re being abused, but they do know they feel anxious, inadequate, intimidated. This book provides an eyeopening new analysis of controlling partners and a wealth of empowering information for women who want to change their lives for the better.

Journey to Healing and Joy

Using a trauma-model approach, this workbook provides a healing pathway women can follow, either individually or in a support group.

Facing Heartbreak

A comprehensive way to process what you’ve been through. Coach Gaelyn uses it often with clients to help them process grief.


What every wife wants when faced with sexual betrayal and emotional abuse.

Intimate Treason: Healing The Trauma For Partners Confronting Sex Addiction

A comprehensive workbook for working through the pain of betrayal.

Emotional Abuse Breakthrough

Nothing is more DAMAGING than living with an emotional abuser whose controlling and crazy-making behaviors are causing you to feel afraid, depressed and alone. Physical abuse leaves visible scars, but emotional abuse wounds you to the core. But your abuser has an uncanny way of turning the tables on you and denying the abuse. Coach Laura likes to use this with clients.

Emotional Abuse Breakthrough Scripts

If you have trouble setting boundaries with your emotional abuser and never know what to say or how to say it in a heated moment without backing down, breaking down, or getting angry yourself, then this can help you learn new ways to respond.


Amazing book for every Christian who has a difficult time setting boundaries.

Boundaries In Marriage

Excellent help to women seeking to understand how to set boundaries around their husband’s lying, emotional abuse, and infidelity.

What Can I Do About Me?

This book helped me realize that there was a path to knowing the truth about my situation. I’m so grateful for the women who have walked the path before us to lead us to safety.

Beyond Betrayal

A validating collection of stories from women who’ve experienced betrayal, connected by the latest research on betrayal trauma.

Keep Walking: 40 Days To Hope & Freedom After Betrayal

This book helps women walk through the pain of betrayal – because there is no way but through.

Love & Betrayal: Stories Of Hope To Help You Heal From Your Husband's Pornography Addiction

Full of professional counsel and heartbreaking true accounts, this book shows exactly how pornography can decimate a marriage and how Christ can intervene. Focusing specifically on the experiences of LDS women and wives, this book covers the often overlooked areas of betrayal trauma, intimacy, forgiveness, and regaining trust. Find help and healing with this in-depth exploration of the spiritual impacts of pornography and how the Atonement provides longed-for relief.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Pornography

A great book to walk you through optional dialogues for talking with kids about pornography addiction in a layered, ongoing way. Educate & Empower Kids has many other books for helping you protect your children from pornography.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is an amazing resource to help you talk with your kids about pornography addiction. No need to learn how to check cookies – give your kids an internal filter. I read it with my kids. It’s so helpful to be able to start an ongoing dialogue.

Say No And Tell: Personal Safety For Kids

Awesome books – there’s a boy version and girl version to teach kids personal boundaries to protect themselves from abuse.

My Body Is A Gift From God

Children of all ages are constantly exposed to damaging sexual content in media and in life. As a parent you try to be vigilant, but it’s simply impossible to completely prevent. This book helps protect your young children and use the right words to start talking to them about healthy intimacy without frightening them or damaging their innocence.

Life After Lust

Once shackled by shame and secrecy, sex addiction therapist Forest Benedict writes candidly about his personal recovery journey, sharing many science-based strategies for successful recovery. Life After Lust provides a clear recovery roadmap for men and women ready to embark on the heroic path from pain to purpose.

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