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Meet Our Betrayal Trauma Coaches

Other professionals don’t understand this type of emotional and psychological abuse, and will likely set you up for years of more pain and chaos. That’s why professionally certified Betrayal Trauma Coaches provide group support for women suffering from betrayal trauma.

We understand the true causes of betrayal trauma. BTR is the best resource for healing.

Professional, Experienced Support to Establish a Peace in Your Home

Coach Christina

Coach Christina

Coach Renee

Coach Renee

Coach Sharon

Coach Sharon

Coach Brianna

Coach Brianna

Coach Renee

Coach Jo

Coach Brianna

Coach Janet

Coach Christina

Coach Christina

Coach Renee

Coach Renee

Coach Brianna

Coach Brianna

Coach Sharon

Coach Sharon

Coach Renee

Coach Janet

Coach Renee

Coach Jo

Attending BTR Group Sessions changed my life. I felt safe and supported while making hard choices that improved my situation drastically. The group support I received and stories I heard gave me amazing insights. This group deeply impacted my ability to see clearly and do what was best for my family. Thank you!

Attending BTR Group Sessions was life changing for me. It challenged me out of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to make the hard choices for the betterment of my family and out of love for myself . . . I have been deeply impacted by hearing of the other ladies struggles and victories, and learned from their stories. Thank YOU!”

I’m so grateful for the BTR Coaches! They helped me see the truth so clearly. I now have the tools to create emotional safety. It was a miracle I found BTR when I did!

There was a long period of time where I thought therapy was helping. How did I not realize it was making things worse?!? I tried to set boundaries, but the therapist’s explanation didn’t make sense. Once I found BTR everything changed. Now I’m finally making progress.

BTR Group Support Session Guidelines

All Group Sessions adhere to a predictable format because privacy, safety, and consistency are essential for your healing. Each coach contributes something special and unique.


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How do BTR.ORG Group Sessions work?

One of the most common things we hear from women new to the BTR.ORG community is how welcomed, safe, and validated they feel even on their first day.

Anyone who has suffered years or decades of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion from their husband understands how important safety and empathy are to healing.

BTR.ORG Coaches come to Sessions on time and free from distractions and respectfully request that you do the same. Our Director of Coaching will periodically drop into Group and Individual Sessions to ensure client safety and coaching quality.

Because we don’t know what any other woman has experienced prior to attending BTR.ORG Group Sessions, we ask that all clients adhere to some general safety precautions so that each and every woman, no matter her situation or background, can feel secure in our midst.

Please review the Group Session Guidelines:

  • Because safety is our first priority, BTR.ORG Coaches will not share your contact information with anyone or facilitate you sharing your contact information with anyone.
  • When you attend a Group Session, you MUST be in a room alone. If others are in the home, please be in a different room and wear headphones to protect the safety of other Group Session Clients and your children. If you need to attend to something, please leave the Group Session and attend another session.
  • First Name, Last Initial, and Video check upon Group Session entry is required. For your safety, list only your first name and last initial and be on camera to be accepted into the BTR.ORG Group Session. For every one’s safety, we must be able to identify you. Video must be on the entire time. For everyone’s safety, clients cannot put their personal contact info (last name, email or phone number) as their Zoom name. Clients who violate this policy will be removed from the Group Session.
  • For everyone’s safety, you may not share your BTR.ORG Login, use a BTR.ORG Login that is not your own, or create a BTR.ORG Login for someone else. All BTR.ORG Group Session attendees must have their own BTR.ORG Client Login. Clients who violate this policy will be removed from the Group Session.
  • BTR.ORG Group Session Clients are strictly prohibited from recording Group Sessions for any reason. Recording Sessions will result in immediate termination of access to BTR.ORG Group Sessions, without refund of any fees paid to date.
  • We recommend women attend no more than one Group Session per day. We find that women who take what they learn and apply it in their daily lives progress more toward their safety. Similarly, we find women make more progress when they focus on taking classes to advance their career, or other such activities rather than attend multiple groups per day.
  • Acknowledging that mental health professionals (i.e, counselors, coaches, mentors, advocates, podcasters, influencers working in the betrayal trauma or abuse field any capacity) are not immune to the pain of abuse and betrayal trauma, we’ve found that BTR.ORG Group Sessions aren’t an appropriate place for them to find support. Mental health professionals may schedule an individual session with any one of our coaches.
  • Although we have a BTR.ORG Group Session schedule, BTR.ORG Coaches may change without notice.
  • Our Sessions are a NO PORN ZONE and no masturbation zone. Our philosophy is that ALL porn/masturbation is damaging, so any mention that some porn/masturbation is or may be healthy creates a safety breach in our Group Sessions.
  • Do not use swear words. Many clients have been abused with harsh language.
  • Because women have frequently been emotionally and psychologically abused by gender dynamics, to provide a safe space, we specifically use the pronouns she/her to describe ourselves (victims) and he/him to describe abusers. If you’re uncomfortable using these pronouns in this way, please schedule an Individual Session rather than attending Group Sessions.
  • Avoid graphic details during shares. Others may be triggered into a trauma response.
  • No obvious use of alcohol. Many clients are in relationships with alcohol abusers.
  • Be mindful of time. Everyone who wishes to share deserves equal opportunity to speak and get feedback.
  • Some Group Sessions will not be held on holidays, such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Mother’s Day, 4th of July

Having access to the BTR.ORG Group Sessions means that you will be charged $125 per month until you cancel through the BTR.ORG Client Login.

For that reason, if you don’t attend Group Sessions your monthly fee will remain active so you have access to the Group Sessions if/when you need it.

Although you can cancel your access to BTR.ORG Group Sessions at any time, the first payment and any monthly fees thereafter are non-refundable.

If you don’t want to be charged again, make sure you cancel your access to BTR.ORG Group Sessions before the next monthly fee occurs.

I can't get into the BTR.ORG Group Session Zoom.

If you’re trying to access BTR Group Sessions and you can’t get in due to a problem with Zoom:

– Is Zoom downloaded on the device you are using?

– Make sure you are logged into Zoom. You must have a Zoom login to access our sessions. For your Zoom username, use the email you use for your BTR Login email.

BTR Group Sessions Don't Seem to Be Showing In My Time Zone

Our site is dynamic and is based on your internet browser. 

To make sure your internet browser is using the correct time zone, here are a few ideas: 

  • On some browsers, you need to turn on the setting that allows the browser to share your location with certain websites. 
  • Browser Settings: browsers usually have built-in features to set your preferred time zone. Look for the “Settings” or “Preferences” menu within your browser’s interface. Or if you turn on share your location, it should automatically detect where you are and adjust the time zone for Group Sessions accordingly.
  • Clearing Your Cookies: Many problems can be solved by clearing your cookies. Perhaps you went out of town, and your computer thinks you’re still there? Clearing your cookies may help reset the time zone on your browser.
  • Accepting BTR Cookies: To detect your time zone, our site needs to use cookies to determine where you are. If you have the option to accept cookies, say yes, and that will enable the Group Sessions to be shown in your time zone.

We’re anxious to see you in group, please reach out to inbox@btr.org you continue to have time zone problems.

I'd like to cancel my access to the BTR.ORG Group Sessions.

To cancel access to the BTR Group Sessions, follow these steps:

  1. Visit BTR.ORG and click on Client Login
  2. Login to the BTR Client Login
  3. Click on the Client Menu
  4. Select CLIENT INFO
  5. Scroll Down to BTR Group Access, click CANCEL
Is the BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop right for me?

If you are a woman over the age of 18, who is currently or has been in a relationship where you suspect emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion (in the form of secret pornography use or infidelity), then YES!

This workshop is for women who are still in their marriages, women who are separated, women who have made the decision to divorce, and even women who are already divorced. The answer is YES, this workshop is for YOU!

How do I enroll in the BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop?

To enroll, in The BTR.ORG Living Free click here. If enrollment isn’t open at this time, submit your email there to be notified about when enrollment is open.

1. Join our community at the bottom of each page at BTR.ORG to get updates about all upcoming workshops and other community announcements.

2. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

3. If you need support right away, you’ll be able to access a BTR Group Session probably today! Click here to see the session schedule.

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