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how to deal with a narcissist


21+ per week, live, face-to-face sessions to choose from for only $125 per month.

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Convenient online sessions through your computer or phone from your car, your closet . . . anywhere.

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“I stumbled across BTR and fortunately I found myself in Joi’s session. I was the only one that attended that night and was privileged to have entered one of the safest spaces ever held for me since my world was turned upside down.

“My sessions with Joi since then have been filled with compassionate truths and an endless amount of space and safety. Joi’s heart is in every word. The times I have felt the most alone and afraid, Joi hasn’t hesitated to assure me that I’m no longer walking through this journey alone. Her personal experience is invaluable, but professionally Joi is in a league of her own.

“She has a vast knowledge and has been able to provide almost personalized recommendations that fit me so perfectly that it is a true testament to her ability to actively listen and tailor information to the individual client. If you sadly find yourself on this journey there is no better support than Joi. Thank you, you have changed my life”

“Solidarity, strength, support, availability, confidentiality, small groups, enough time, informative, extremely helpful!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!”

“Having access to the BTR Group Sessions was life changing for me. It challenged me out of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to make the hard choices for the betterment of my family and out of love for myself . . . I have been deeply impacted by hearing of the other ladies struggles and victories as well as having been able to learn from their stories and journeys. I made life altering decisions out of the influence from the group sessions.”

“BTR Coaches are excellent. I appreciate that the group sessions are structured and we get help from trained professionals. Their feedback and support saved me. “

“Community, support and amazing validation from the BTR coaches and other women.”

“The format, the respect, the support, the time, the privacy, the safety, the focus, the information, the knowledge, it is extraordinary to me.”

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BTR Group Session Guidelines

Each session adheres to a predictable format because privacy, safety, stability and consistency are essential for your healing. Of course, each coach contributes something special and unique.

Group Session Guidelines

BTR Group Session Guidelines

Each session adheres to a predictable format because privacy, safety, stability and consistency are essential for your healing. Of course, each coach contributes something special and unique.

BTR Group Session Guidelines


Can BTR help me?

BTR.ORG provides Group and Individual coaching for WOMEN who need immediate emotional refuge from the pain and chaos caused by their husband’s lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic traits.

The BTR.ORG Podcast educates women all over the world about issues related to emotional and psychological abuse and sexual coercion.

At BTR, we affirm that abuse is a human rights issue, affecting the lives of all people, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, religion, and any other differentiating characteristics. We acknowledge and hold pain for all people suffering from the effects of abuse. Because abuse is such a wide-spread issue, we focus our efforts by only serving only WOMEN over the age of 18, abused by their husbands or ex-husbands.

We understand that the pronouns that we use, as well as the subject matter that we cover may not be completely relevant to all victims. If your situation is outside the scope of our services, we invite you to contact your local domestic violence shelter who will direct you to services that fit your specific situation.

How do BTR.ORG Group Sessions work?

BTR.ORG Group Sessions are online inside the BTR.ORG Client Login. Once you've gained access, just make sure you're logged in and click on Group Sessions to attend the Sessions.

How much does monthly access to BTR.ORG Group Sessions cost?

It's just $125 per month, automatically deducted each month, but you can cancel at any time in the Client Menu > Client Info

Is there a contract?

No. Monthly deductions are non-refundable because we're always here, ready to help you. But you can cancel at any time. Stay as long as you need a network of support. Please make sure you go over our Terms of Use at

I want access to BTR.ORG Group Sessions, but I'm worried my husband will see the monthly charge.

We understand you're concerned about your emotional safety. Consider using a credit or debit card your husband isn't aware of. Another option is to ask a friend to gain access for you (using your name), and then you'll be able to attend the sessions. Make sure however you arrange it, you comply with the Terms of Use found on

Will my insurance cover BTR.ORG Group Session Access?

Although we don't bill insurance, you can use your HSA card or check with your insurance to see if support groups can be reimbursed. Regardless, we designed BTR.ORG Group Sessions to be affordable. You get 21+ Group Sessions per week to choose from for the same cost as one therapy appointment.

When are the BTR.ORG Group Sessions?

There are multiple sessions per day in YOUR time zone. Visit the session schedule for details. After you gain access to the Group Sessions, you can attend by logging into the BTR.ORG Client Login. 

How often can I attend Group Sessions?

We recommend that you attend no more than one session a day, so you can engage in other healing activities, like building your career, going for a walk with a friend, or even taking a nap:). 

How do I attend a BTR.ORG Group Session?

Make sure you're logged into BTR.ORG Group Sessions and click on the session you'd like to attend. 

How do I cancel my access to BTR.ORG Group Sessions?

Make sure you're inside the BTR.ORG Client Login > Client Info > Cancel

I paid for access to BTR.ORG Group Sessions, but I can't attend a session due to website issues.

If you're having trouble accessing sessions, make sure you're logged in to BTR.ORG Client Login. If you can't login, reset your password. If you're logged in and you can't access sessions, clear your cookies (cache). If it's still not working, please contact

It's Finally Time For YOU

Having access to BTR Group Sessions will help you when very few people understand your situation. It’s your time to heal.


Emotional Safety is Possible

If you've been stuck in your husband's emotional & psychological abuse for years, these steps will help you end the chaos and feel peace.

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