Our Mission

Betrayal Trauma Recovery is available when women need immediate emotional refuge from the pain, chaos, and isolation associated with their husband’s pornography use and related behaviors.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery is a division of Women for Decency, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Logo

The fleur de lis, created by two Bs, for Betrayal, placed back to back, represent moving forward after betrayal. This symbol was on the coat of arms made for Joan of Arc. We aim to channel her fearless dedication to God. For Joan, the three top petals represented praying, working, and fighting. Although the symbol is used for war, it also represents something beautiful - the lily.

For us, the three top petals represent Surrendering Our Will To God, Boundaries, and Self Care.

The symbol also resembles a butterfly, symbolizing our triumphant transformation from the dark cocoon of trauma to a bright life, connected with God, safe from abuse. For us, our true beauty can shine forth as we grow from our experiences.

Our Team

All the contributors to this podcast have a loved one with a pornography addiction and are in recovery to heal their betrayal trauma. Names have been changed and voices have digitally altered to protect our anonymity and the anonymity of our loved ones. BTR intends to share the experience, strength, and hope of women healing from betrayal trauma, so we may solve our common problems and help others recover. 

Volunteers & Interns

  • Women interested in volunteering need to have had a family member or friend with sexual addiction.
  • Internships are available to women who have or have had a family member or friend with a pornography or sexual addiction and are enrolled in a marketing, PR, communications, or MPA program at the college level.

Please email anne@btr.org for more information.

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Our Coaches


BTR does not intend to speak for APSATS or SALifeline and functions independently.