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what you can't trust your husband
Founder & Executive Director

Anne Blythe, M.Ed.

Anne is the Producer & Host of the The BTR.ORG Podcast and the author of Trauma Mama Husband Drama

She’s also the creator of: The BTR.ORG Meditation, Living Free, and Message Workshops.

If you can’t trust your husband, Anne is the expert to turn to. After years of attempting to stop her husband’s pornography use and “anger issues,” she turned her attention to establishing emotional and psychological safety for herself and her three children.

As she learns in real time, Anne shares her journey to help women safely and effectively separate themselves from their husband’s (or ex’s) emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion and establish peace in their homes.

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is it smart to trust your husband if he betrayed you?


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how can I trust my husband if he betrayed me?


what if I can't trust my husband



BTR.ORG Podcast Info

Anne Blythe, M.Ed. Produces & Hosts an episode each week. Guests include victims who have learned they can’t trust their husband. These women courageously share the stories  of when they discovered his infidelity, porn use, and deceit. Anne also interviews advocates/experts in related fields.

Tune in on your favorite podcasting platform, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

The Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast is currently entirely free to listeners.

All episodes include an article and transcription.

Release Schedule

Weekly downloadable episodes are released every Tuesday.


Every episode is available in audio and written form (transcription) on BTR.ORG. Our website is ADA compliant.

Financial Support

Advocates can Support the Podcast by making a recurring monthly donation.

betrayal trauma podcast

Hands Down The Best Abuse Podcast

Anne does an incredible job exposing abuse, especially the subtleties and the underlying belief systems that allow abuse to fly under the radar. She has a lineup of guests, including well-known experts, that leave no stone unturned. Episode by episode the picture of abuse becomes crystal clear, empowering survivors to take steps toward safety.

If you can’t trust your husband, Anne is the person to turn to. She knows exactly what to do.

betrayal trauma podcast

BTR Offers Hope

Navigating life after abuse is difficult and it’s hard to know what is real and normal after leaving abuse. BTR talks about the hard and yet offers hope that it is possible to overcome what was done to us and that it doesn’t have to negatively impact the rest of our life.

betrayal trauma podcast

Clears So Many Things Up

So thankful for this podcast. I found BTR through Insta and after a year or more of not being sure if I wanted to contront myself with difficult truths by listening to the podcast. But I finally did last week. I’m so thankful and so relieved. Why on earth did I wait so long? I’m not insane or stupid! Anne explains and talks through so many facets of betrayal, so well and brings clarity to so many thoughts that were just running in circles. This is so fascinating.

betrayal trauma podcast

Essential Conversations

I am very recently out of a long term abusive marriage. I did not realize I was being abused. What I’ve learned is that I’m not alone. There are a lot of women in abusive relationships who don’t understand what’s happening or, like me, were told by a couple’s therapist that I should be doing things differently and it’s half my fault. I kept believing the lies and trying harder. When I found this podcast it was so validating. It was literally describing exactly what I was going htrough and labeling it as abuse. The conversations on the podcast are vital because I spent years going to different therapists and reading books and not until I found BTR did anyone explain how using porn can be abuse, or how gaslighting is abuse, or how maintaining false promises is abuse. The podcast really shook me out of the fog of confusion I was being kept in by my abuesr and gave me tools and changed my life.

betrayal trauma podcast

Thank You

Thank you for helping women who have been in emotionally and sexually abusive marriages and for calling out pornography as abusive. Thank you.

Betrayal Trauma Knows No Borders

Across the globe, we welcome women with open arms and hearts.

Our mission is to deliver women from emotional abuse,
psychological abuse, and sexual coercion.


The BTR.ORG Podcast educates women all over the world about issues related to betrayal, specifically emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion.

At BTR.ORG, we affirm that abuse is a human rights issue, affecting the lives of all people, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, religion, and any other differentiating characteristics. We acknowledge and hold pain for all people suffering from the effects of abuse. Because abuse is such a wide-spread issue, we focus our efforts by only serving adult women abused by men in romantic relationships.

We understand that the pronouns that we use, as well as the subject matter that we cover may not be completely relevant to all victims. However, we invite those victims who fall outside the scope of our services to contact their local domestic abuse services.

After listening to The BTR.ORG Podcast, I starting attending BTR Group Sessions.

Words truly can’t express how the BTR Group Sessions helped me! I was so impressed with the BTR Coaches and brave women. Each story & experience shared touched my life in so many ways!

I wish I would have found BTR sooner, but know it simply was in God’s timing to bring this organization into my life! I look forward to continuing Individual Sessions! Thank you BTR & Anne for everything!”


Individual and Group Sessions

BTR.ORG provides Group and Individual Sessions for women who don’t trust their husband. Do you need immediate emotional refuge from the pain and chaos caused by your husband’s lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic traits?

BTR.ORG Group Coaching Sessions occur multiple sessions a day, in every time zone.



All of our Betrayal Trauma Coaches are trained, certified, and have personal experience. They know exactly what to do if you don’t trust your husband.

Coach Jo


Coach Jo has over 20 years of experience. With an emphasis on encouragement and validation, her goal is to help women to find truth and dream again. Using information and understanding of abuse, she helps women to refocus their energies on healing and thriving in freedom.

Jo has experienced first hand the process of finding your footing again and establishing a career after being a homeschool/stay at home mother. She specializes in creating a plan to move forward based on a survivor’s strengths. With several years experience as a Client Manager in financial services, she also has experience with what it takes to prepare for financial well being when leaving an abusive relationship.

Jo is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), and has taken a course through Divorce Coaches Academy. She also has 10 years experience in the financial planning field.

Coach Christina


“Step back and say, Wait a minute. Is that okay or is it not okay? If it’s not okay, it’s pretty simple. It’s time to think about emotional safety.” –Coach Christina

Christina is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with over 15 years experience.

She validates women who don’t trust their husband, while helping them fortify plans for emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological safety. Her passion is helping women set effective boundaries.

Christina has a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge), is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), a Certified Divorce Coach (DCC), and a Certified Abuse Specialist (CAS).

Coach Brianna


Brianna is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with over 10 years experience. As a cancer survivor, women’s advocate, professional health educator, and Resilience and Wellness Coach, she brings authenticity and compassion to her coaching.

She creates a space of validation, empowerment, and connection for women who have been emotionally and psychologically abused, and/or sexually coerced by their husband. Whether the client is at the beginning of her journey to psychological safety, in the middle, or has escaped the relationship some time ago, Brianna is passionate about nurturing and honoring connections with other women and reconnection with oneself.

Using her own experiences and understanding the isolation and loss of self that abuse can bring, Brianna brings light, laughter, and love to her clients and empower women to reignite the light within themselves.

Brianna holds her Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Utah State University. She is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and a Certified Health Education Specialist.

Help for Betrayal Trauma

Coach Renee


Coach Renee is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with over 25 years experience.

She specializes in helping women rediscover their own voice, intuition, and power.

With a gentle and empathic approach, Coach Renee validates every woman’s individual experience as victims of what some people call narcissistic abuse and helps her discover a safe path forward. If the path forward includes separation and divorce, Coach Renee is an experienced Divorce Coach with tools to help any women navigate that process effectively.

Renee is a Veteran of the United States Navy. She has extensive experience dealing with domestic abuse, Intimate Partner Violence and reporting to authorities in both the military and civilian populations. Renee is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach (HCDCC), a Certified Pre-Mediation Divorce Coach (PMDC), a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, and a Certified Abuse Specialist (CAS).

Coach Sharon


Sharon is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with over 20 years of experience. She’s passionate about exposing injurious thought patterns caused by spiritual abuse. 

As a survivor of psychological and spiritual abuse, and sexual coercion, Sharon is determined to support women to reframe their value and maintain their spiritual footing.
Sharon has a flair to speak truth directly, yet compassionately, as she challenges anything that undermines a woman’s ability to see her truth worth.

Sharon has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Justice from University of Massachusetts Boston. Sharon is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and a Certified Abuse Specialist (CAS).

Coach Janet


With over 15 years of personal experience in psychological, emotional, sexual coercion, financial and spiritual abuse, Coach Janet aims to deliver other women from emotional & psychological abuse.

As a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach she validates women and helps them reach emotional safety.

Coach Janet holds a BSN and worked as a Pediatric ICU Nurse and Hospice Care Nurse, but found her true calling help victims of abuse heal from the inside out.

The clarity the BTR Coaches have given me is incredible. I’m so grateful that I can schedule Individual Sessions when I need more time to process. I love BTR!

When I first was started attending BTR Group Sessions, my world had turned upside down and I was lost. The BTR Coaches brought me through the overwhelming emotions and guided me to advocate for myself. In BTR, I’ve found deep friendships, support, and strength. BTR Group Sessions are amazing!

recovering from betrayal trauma
Have you been lied to? Manipulated?

Discovered porn or inappropriate texts on your husband's phone?
Are you baffled by illogical conversations with him?

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