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  • We never use videos or modules.

  • Our services are led by a live APSATS Coach to provide real interaction and support. 

  • Our support groups are limited to 6 or 12 women, so you'll always receive personal attention. 

betrayal trauma recovery

The consequences of a man's sexual addiction may cause women to experience: fear, anxiety, insomnia, depression, despair, hopelessness, financial difficulties, abandonment.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery professionals help women establish emotional safety and peace. 

If your husband has confessed his lies, compulsive sexual behaviors, abuse, and promised to change, our APSATS Coaches will give you tools to know if the changes are real.

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When you join the Betrayal Trauma Recovery community, you'll receive instructions about how to join our free peer-to-peer Facebook group and imperative information you need to establish peace in your home.


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