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No, you're not crazy. You're not overreacting. WE GET IT.

Our clients report that before coming to BTR, they went to several therapists who didn’t identify the emotional abuse and spent valuable time and money trying to explain the situation only to realize the therapist never really “got it” and gave poor advice.

Why? Most professionals, clergy, and the general population don’t understand this type of abuse, so it’s common to encourage victims to improve communication, intimacy or attachment – which doesn’t work.

Our coaches “get it” – REALLY! They can immediately help you start your journey to emotional safety and healing.

Coach Joi

Joi is a professional abuse and betrayal trauma coach with 25 years experience. Her goal is that ALL abusive behaviors stop, including gaslighting and manipulation. During the recovery process, Joi empowers the victim to hold healthy boundaries. It’s Joi’s life mission to help men exhibiting abusive behaviors stop…

Coach Debra

Debra has over 15 years experience as a divorce coach and divorce financial analyst.. As a betrayal trauma survivor, she’s passionate about helping women speak up for what they deserve in their marriages or at the negotiating table. She encourages and supports them to stay well, wait with intention, or go with a plan...

Coach Joanne

Joanne has fought hard to reclaim her life, dignity, joy, and purpose after experiencing her own traumatic “9/11” years ago. As a Registered Nurse, she helps clients address their health concerns. Empathy, affirmation, and creativity are her strengths. She supports women in difficult relationships with children as a result of family trauma, women with a need to resurrect professional skills to re-enter the workplace…

Coach Peggy

Peggy is a Professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with 20 years experience. She helps individuals reach a place of peace and joy through guided meditation to dismantle trauma and remove sabotaging unconscious programming. For many years, Peggy was married to a man with Same Sex Attraction and has first hand experience navigating this particular issue…

Coach Renee

Renee is a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with over 25 years experience. She specializes in helping women who are making a difficult decision of reporting their husband (or ex-husband’s) crimes: for example physical intimidation, stalking, harassment, child pornography, etc…

Coach Renee

Coach Sharon

Sharon is a betrayal trauma coach with over 20 years of experience. She’s passionate about exposing incorrect thought patterns that yield to the weaponization of spiritual truths. As a survivor of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse Sharon is determined to support women to reclaim their voice, reframe their value and maintain their spiritual footing…
Coach Sharon

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Confidential, daily, online group sessions provide the network of support you need to heal.


Attend as many sessions as you need. 


Multiple sessions a day in muliple time zones.


Led by a nationally qualified, professional facilitator.


Join the live group face-to-face via smartphone or computer.


Affordable and confidential.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions. Get the education and tools you need to establish peace in your home.


Get support from a qualified BTR professional.


Get actionable steps immediately with a coach who “gets it”.


Talk with the specialist via phone or computer.


Choose from a variety of topics or explore anything you’d like to talk about.

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