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Betrayal Trauma Support Group
How to Find the Best Betrayal Trauma Support Group: 5 Things to Know

Wondering where to find the best betrayal trauma support group? Women share their insights and experiences.

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Betrayal Trauma Support Group

If you’re looking for the best betrayal trauma support group, here are five things to consider:

5 Characteristics of an Effective Betrayal Trauma Support Group

1. Can you get support quickly? And often?

At Betrayal Trauma Recovery, we’ve all been through betrayal trauma and we know how to support women going through it. We know how important it is for you to get support right away, when you need it.

That’s why Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions meet every single day, multiple times, in every single time zone.

Check out the session schedule and begin getting the support that you need right away.

2. Can you access the betrayal trauma support group anywhere?

Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions were designed so that you don’t need to leave your home, pay for child care, or rearrange their work schedule.

Our online group sessions eliminate the needs for extra time to travel, park, extra money for gas or child care, or lengthy appointments or round-trip drive times. You can attend a session from your bedroom, garage, or closet – whatever works best for your situation.

3. Do the support group Professionals understand the true cause of betrayal trauma?

Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions are facilitated by coaches who are specifically trained in knowing the specific root causes of betrayal trauma. If you don’t know exactly what causes betrayal trauma, it’s impossible to heal. Our coaches validate victims’ experiences and help women give language to their experiences.

“After years of therapy, I was hopeless. Nothing was improving my marriage. My husband was still using pornography and lying to me.

Then I discovered The Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast. It was a revelation. I began attending Betrayal Trauma Group Sessions soon after that. The Group Sessions opened my eyes. I wan’t alone! I’ve felt seen when I couldn’t see myself. I felt heard. I felt completely empowered. I finally started to make progress toward emotional safety and healing.”

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

4. Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions are a Safe Space To Heal

Victims of abuse and betrayal deserve a comfortable and compassionate space to work through the difficult emotions and memories that accompany trauma.

“When I attending a Betrayal Trauma Support Group Session, I have clarity and hope. I’m very grateful for finding BTR.ORG, but I also really appreciate the professionalism of the BTR Coaches. There are safeguards in place, so it’s the most validating, emotionally safe group I’ve ever attended. BTR Coaches love us, and they’re so well trained.”

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions have logical, safe guidelines, crafted carefully from years of experience dealing with betrayal trauma victims. Our Support Group ensures women feel protected and safe as they participate.

5. A Betrayal Trauma Support Group Coupled with Accurate, High Quality Educational Resources

In addition to Group and Individual Sessions for support, Betrayal Trauma Recovery has a free podcast and several workshops that give suffering women accurate information so they can know how to move forward.

  • The Free Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast helps women throughout the world understand what betrayal trauma is and how to heal from it.
  • The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop teaches women thought, boundary, and communication strategies to begin to make your way to emotional, psychological, and sexual safety.
  • The BTR.ORG Message Workshop builds on the the strategies taught in The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop to teach women how to write strategic messages if they have decided to separate or divorce and share children.
  • The BTR.ORG Meditation Workshop heals women without them having to make any effort. Victims of betrayal are often overwhelmed and stressed. Some aren’t able to even get out of bed some days. Feeling peace is almost impossible when you feel like your entire world is falling apart. These Meditations were written specifically for women who need immediate peace and healing.

What Women are Saying about Betrayal Trauma Recovery Support Group

One Woman Shared:

Great resource and a blessing. I was blessed to find BTR Group Sessions very soon after my husband’s first disclosure of porn use. For the years before this, I knew something was wrong in my marriage, but when I tried to get help from therapy or clergy, it only made it worse.

Once I started attending the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Support Group Sessions, I discovered that in addition to pornography, my husband was soliciting compromising pictures from women online and had been having a three-year-long affair with a woman who was now only 23 years old. He’d been gaslighting me and lying about me to his family, friends, and the therapists and clergy I’d gone to for help. Without BTR Group Sessions, I would have been much more vulnerable to abuse, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Thank you.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

Why Should I Attend Betrayal Trauma Recovery Support Group Sessions?

Another woman shared:

When I first discovered BTR on the podcast I felt all of a sudden validated. I felt not alone. It took me a while, seven months actually, to join the BTR Group. Honestly, because I was afraid that I would, you know, just become an angry bitter woman who hated men. And I found that to be the absolute opposite of what has happened. I have felt completely empowered. I have felt validated. I’ve felt heard, I’ve felt seen, I have felt seen when I couldn’t see myself. Yeah, so it’s the very best thing that’s happened to me.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

“BTR Support Group Sessions Completely Changed My Life”

Another Betrayal Trauma Recovery Support Group Client shared:

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Sessions completely changed my life. It was something I didn’t even know I needed, but it’s been a godsend. The coaches are like sisters. They walk with you. They help you all along the way.

The other women in group completely understand where you are and what you’re going through. They celebrate my progress toward healing. I’m so inspired. I now have the knowledge I needed to move forward. I’m so appreciative of this group.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

“I Felt Like There Was A Severed Artery”

A Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast listener shared what the support group felt like for her:

I probably listened to the podcast for about four years before things just accelerated to the point that I had to take action. The Sessions, combined with the podcast, were the two things that saved my life.

I’d been to three therapists who told me it was all my fault. They said I needed to go do my family of origin work and stop trying to control my husband. But my husband was continuing to stomp all over everything that was sacred. I felt like there was a severed artery. He and the therapist and I were sitting there, just spewing blood all over everybody and nobody’s saying a word. Everyone was gaslighting me.

Therapy made things worse. My husband’s emotional abuse was enabled by three different therapists who labeled me a codependent. It’s infuriating that women are made to feel this way when they’re trying to get help. That’s all we did for the last two to three years we were together was sex addiction groups and CSATs, and it just got worse. I couldn’t get anybody to help me understand boundaries. Everybody was like, “Read this book.”

I didn’t need a book. I needed help. Once I started attending Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions everything changed.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions Helps Victims Create Safety

I went to therapy for years. There was this mentality that once I’d processed all my individual problems, my marriage would improve. They gave me the impression that everything was going to get “fixed”. When I look back, it’s just ridiculous. To feel safe, I needed to feel respected and heard. No one ever focused on that. I felt dismissed by therapists continually for years, and I didn’t feel safe at all until I found BTR.

I love attending Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions. The support group has been pivotal in my healing. I tell people in group all that BTR has helped me REALLY shed layers of grief and pain. I’m finally making progress!!

I’m so shocked how once I got help from women who understand the true cause of betrayal trauma, things turned around so quickly. My heart feels so happy every new woman that finds Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions. My heart jumps up and down, because she’s here. That’s a beautiful gift. It was a beautiful gift for me, to get up the guts to attend group after listening to The BTR Podcast for four years. I’m so filled with gratitude.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

What is a Betrayal Trauma Support Group Like?

My whole life, I’d been told what I was feeling, what my intentions were. There was always that part of me that told me that there’s something deeper going on. I’d been searching my whole life to figure it out.

I’d been gaslit my whole life, and up until BTR, I didn’t know what the truth was. Betrayal Trauma Support Group is helping me get my life back. BTR actually helps women and empowers them. I feel a lot more confident now. Hearing the other group session clients speak their truth helped me identify what was really going on.

This group has changed my life, I finally had a chance to see truth and be safe. This group gave me safety to let go of gaslighting and gave me the chance to decide for myself what I want.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

What are Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions Like?

My husband’s CSAT recommended that I attend a so-called betrayal trauma support group. But every time I went I felt worse. They called me a co-dependent and told me that I had to fix my part and then my husband would change too.

After years of being called a codependent, I was fed up. I also didn’t enjoy those other groups because they didn’t have any safety guidelines – it was led by women who didn’t know what they were doing. I was sick of being traumatized by a group that was supposed to help me. I’ve done years of research and just going through different rabbit holes, even suffering trauma from a very invasive, local, so-called betrayal trauma CSAT.

I started searching online for a different type of support from betrayal trauma and discovered Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions from BTR. Since I’d tried all sorts of other groups, I thought, it never hurts to try. I could tell within seconds that this was exactly what I’d been searching for.

Feel Safe and Validated in a Betrayal Trauma Support Group

I finally felt completely safe and validated. The BTR Coaches are professionals, but they also have personal experience. That to me was just such a huge bonus, to actually speak to women who’ve been through what you’ve gone through, and they’ve survived and they’re thriving, and now they are helping all of us. I’d tried, I’ve seen so many memberships. I’ve been to so many meetings, so I know there’s nothing like Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions anywhere else.

Finding these sessions was a miracle. After so many other bad experiences, the Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions are the ONLY PLACE with well-trained, expert coaches who know what their doing. BTR Group Sessions has professional facilitators who use structure, guidance, and safety protocols. They protect my privacy. I’ve been attending the BTR Group Sessions for about a year and everything is different now.

After I started attending Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions, I also started listening to the BTR.ORG Podcast. Having all the resources I needed in one place has been such a blessing. THANK YOU!!

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

When You’re Experiencing Betrayal Trauma, Nothing Feels Right, So Finding the Right Support Group is Essential

It’s not about being ready, because when you’re suffering from betrayal trauma, you’re never going to “feel ready”. It’s almost like you’ve just got to take that medication that you need right now even though you don’t feel like taking it, and it’s the medication that you need.

Betrayal Trauma Group Sessions are the most healing support group out there. No one’s here to judge you. No one has you under a microscope. Everybody’s very much in your shoes, walking the same journey. You’ll find yourself feeling supported, FOR REAL. Once I started attending the BTR Support Group Sessions, I started healing, one day at a time, one session at a time, one coach at a time. It’s the best gift.

I’m seven years since discovery, so it’s not too late if you’ve just discovered your husband’s infidelities, whatever it is that you’ve just discovered. And if you’re 10 years after discovery, and even if you’re divorced or separated or even widowed, but you’re still suffering from betrayal trauma, you need this. I wouldn’t have survived without it.

The heart to heart connection I feel with the other women in group and the BTR coaches is incredible. It’s my lifeline to sanity and serenity. I’m a mother of eight children who need me. I need them to know that they can conquer this, and they can move on and build beautiful successful lives. We’re worth it!

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

Betrayal Trauma Support Group Helps Women Identify Abuse

Betrayal Trauma Group Sessions helped me put the appropriate names to what I was experiencing. My betrayal trauma was being caused by my husband’s emotional and psychological abuse. It took me a long time to label him as an abusive. It was hard to admit that was the truth. I really appreciate the (view that) pornography is abuse, period. Because I thought that, but everyone said I was over-reacting.

These Group Sessions help me feel like I’m not going crazy.

I just want women to know that they’re not alone, that they can listen to their intuition, and that they’re NOT crazy! I feel so much better after every single Betrayal Trauma Support Group Session. I wish every women knew about it.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

Betrayal Trauma Support Group Gives Women Words to Express Their Experiences

In therapy, they told me so many things that just didn’t sit right with me. I mean, after being married for 10 years, I had no clue about what he was doing. How could that be my fault? It had nothing to do with me. They kept asking me, “What are you doing to contribute to this?” or “How can you support him more?” – even when I found myself in tears!

Both our families downplayed his betrayal and urged me to forgive and move on.

Continuing therapy with my husband after discovering BTR, I would share what I learned at BTR and suggest books to the therapist. “Please read this book that Anne recommended by Lundy Bancroft,” I suggested. She dismissed me, thinking she knew everything and that I was just being troublesome.

I eventually stopped going to therapy and joined the Betrayal Trauma Support Group instead. The difference was night and day when I began attending BTR Group Sessions and listening to The BTR.ORG Podcast. Speaking with women who truly understood and didn’t place the blame on me was a breath of fresh air.

Looking for a betrayal trauma support group? Here's 5 Things You Need to Know

Are Any Betrayal Trauma Support Groups Online?

BTR stands out to me because it offers daily support whenever I need it, without implying that I was responsible for the trauma I went through. I’ve come to understand that everything he did was entirely out of my control.

Having the podcast that teaches me the truth and coaches who are there for me at any time has been invaluable. I also signed up for The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop, which absolutely amazed me. No one else lays out the facts and truth so plainly.

I’m truly grateful. Saying I’m thankful doesn’t even cover it. I’m just, God bless, and I hope this spreads to churches, governments, and countries worldwide. Thank you so much.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

Betrayal Trauma Support Group Validates Victims of Abuse & Betrayal

I remember the day that I first found BTR. I was sitting on my bed, desperately seeking some kind of help for my soul. I found The BTR.ORG Podcast, and heard Anne calling betrayal what it really is and acknowledging the pain and trauma that it really causes to us women. That podcast changed my life.

As I listened, I burst into tears of healing validation. Finally, someone was calling pornography use for the betrayal and harm that it actually is. Someone was saying how abusive it is. Finally, someone had put together all the pieces of the puzzle, and so many things finally began to make sense.

It was my first moment of validation and clarity. Anne sent me on my path of strength and healing right that moment, because she was brave enough to share her own strength and healing.

I started attending Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions. It’s the most healing place that a woman can possibly be after experiencing betrayal of any sort. It’s a safe, sacred, and healing space. The abuse-informed and trained BTR Coaches are amazing, loving, and wise.

They all remind us that there is healing to be found as you navigate through this experience of betrayal trauma. I just want to give a big forever thank you to Anne, the Betrayal Trauma coaches, and to BTR.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

“Betrayal Trauma Recovery Saved My Life”

I didn’t have knowledge of what was going on in my life and how I was being abused to the extent I was. I don’t have any living family besides my husband’s family, and they are so toxic, I stopped interacting with them. I felt so alone.

When I found BTR, I was so grateful to have a safe place to share and feel support. I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. I could get support every single day if I needed it.

The encouragement has been incredible, and I’m just beyond blessed. I’ve made great friendships through this.

It saved my life. BTR has given me courage, and the coaches have helped me to continually move forward and to strengthen me, and to guide me.

Thank you, Anne, for your podcast, for the Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions. I’m beyond blessed.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

Getting Clarity & Healing

It had been 10 years since my divorce and I was struggling. No one seemed to understand the pain I was living with on a daily basis.

I discovered BTR just within the last month, and I began hearing everything I didn’t even know I needed to hear! I can’t believe I spent so many years trying to heal without the right information!

I’ve experienced more healing in the last month than at any other point in my life. The BTR.ORG Podcasts give me vocabulary and tools and affirmation. By attending the Group Sessions, I get so much clarity.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client

When You Need to Heal

I’m very thankful for BTR. I feel that God led me to the BTR.ORG website, where I read an article about how pornography affects your relationship. I’m a firm believer that pornography is infidelity. I don’t know if I was a firm believer in that before. I think in the back of my mind, I did, I just didn’t realize it.

BTR had words for everything I was feeling. Attending the Betrayal Trauma Support Group Sessions has been so instrumental in my life. I’ve been attending the last four months. I attend every day and feel immediate love and support and validation from the coaches and the other clients.

I just can’t thank the coaches and Anne and BTR enough for helping me. I feel very positive about my life, my future because I know I’ll always have BTR, and I know they’re going to help me get through it.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Client


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