When your partner is a narcissist, it can seem like your world revolves around him. How can you be centered and live a peaceful life, regardless of the choices that your partner makes?

Emotional Abuse Is An Energy-Sucker

Many women find that the cycle of abuse and the effects of betrayal trauma drain them of energy. This is completely understandable: abuse is degrading and horrific and the symptoms of betrayal trauma can be debilitating.

Women who experience any degree of abuse may feel this fatigue: it is an unfortunate reality of abusive relationships.

Further, though not every abuser and/or sex addict is a diagnosed narcissist, many display narcissistic traits. Being in a relationship with a narcissistic person is, in and of itself, exhausting. Narcissistic men feel entitled to their partner’s time, attention, body, focus, and money. If they are not given the things that they demand, they react in abusive ways.

You deserve safety, speak with a professional now.

Boundaries Protect Women From Emotional Abuse And Narcissistic Abuse

Fortunately, as women courageously reach out for support, they are able to set boundaries that protect them from the abusive choices that their partner may decide to make.

Boundaries are not fences: boundaries are barricades. When created and maintained correctly, a boundary protects you from experiencing the abuse at all. 

There are many resources available to help women navigate boundary-setting, should they choose to stay in a relationship with a narcissist. 

Women Deserve Support, Safety, and Peace

Women in betrayal trauma often struggle to find others who can relate in a genuine way to what they are going through. The Betrayal Trauma Support Group meets daily to bring love, compassion, and support to women who are all on different levels of their journeys to healing. 

BTR coaches are ready to support you, hear your voice, and help you get to safety.

Remember, you are not alone

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