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Have you discovered porn or inappropriate texts on your husband’s phone?
Or that he’s been lying to you?
Have you had conversations with your husband that don’t make sense?

Surround Yourself With Emotionally Safe People

“What do I do?!”

When women find out about their husband’s chronic lying, deceit, and manipulation, when they discover years of betrayal and gaslighting for the first time or the 19th time, women struggle to know what to do.

Emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion take the form of lies, infidelity, gaslighting, and grooming. This type of abuse is also sometimes called narcissistic abuse. In almost every case, the abuser uses pornography.

If you’ve spent years stuck, being abused by your husband’s manipulation, it’s not hopeless. The entire BTR.ORG Team has walked the journey to emotional and psychological safety – and now we’ve come back for you.

Real Women REAL Results


I was a mess, trying to make sense of what happened, and I just couldn’t. I sought help from every possible source: therapists, clergy, friends. I ended up re-traumatized over and over because they all kept advising me in some from or another to “support” my abusive husband or to “fix” my part the “problem”.

When I saw BTR’s Next 3 Steps laid out for me, everything shifted! I had a clear visual. I only had to take the first step. With BTR’s help, I’m finally, FINALLY on my way to peace. I know I’m on the right path.


The information I learned from BTR.ORG has been life changing for me. I started listening to the podcasts, and worked my way to safety from there. It was SO HARD. But SO worth it. And the BTR Team was there for me every step of the way.

Your Guide to Emotional Safety is Here

Know the next steps on your journey to peace.

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