intimate betrayal is emotional abuse

EVERY victim of Betrayal Trauma wonders what to do next …

Discovered secret porn?
Uncovered an affair?
Wondered, “Am I Crazy?!”

Here’s what to do NEXT…

“I felt lost and hopeless … I kept going to therapy thinking it would help. It didn’t. I just wanted to know what to do next, but no one would help me. BTR.ORG gave me my next steps and everything became so clear. I started my journey to feeling peace. It saved me from years of chaos and pain. THANK YOU!”

We’ve been there. It felt hopeless.

And then we made it to emotional safety & peace! Now we’ve come back for you.

After all these years the end is finally in sight. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way until you’re emotionally and psychologically safe.

Emotional abuse. Psychological abuse. Narcissistic abuse. Intimate betrayal (including secret pornography use). If you’re a victim of these painful, confusing forms of abuse, you’re in the right place.

“For years, I tried to solve my “marriage problems” by learning everything there was to know about the wrong thing!!! I didn’t learn about or understand emotional or psychological abuse. I didn’t understand sexual coercion. Using BTR’s amazing resources made all the difference. Once I took The BTR.ORG Living Free Workshop, everything changed for me.”

Do you feel hopeless? Crazy? Overwhelmed, wondering what to do next?

All of us want a healthy, happy relationship.

Your husband’s choices are NOT YOUR FAULT.

We provide a simple, systematic and empowering approach for women to move away from the chaos toward healing.

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