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Finding Joy After the Chaos Of Emotional Abuse

by | Betrayal Trauma

Emotional Abuse Brings Chaos and Pain

Betrayal trauma victims often feel that they have lost a piece of themselves forever; the pain and grief of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion can feel so stifling and dark that it is difficult to imagine a way out. Here at BTR.ORG, we understand the devastation that women experience. We also know that joy and growth are possible after betrayal and abuse.  

Women Are Empowered Through Knowledge

When women courageously fight their way through the fog of abuse and into the light of knowledge and support, they are able to identify themselves as abuse victims, and then betrayal trauma survivors. They stop identifying with the negative labels that their abusers gave them during the years or even decades of abuse.

Hope, Healing, and Even Joy Are Possible Again

While it may be hard to believe now, with the right tools, time, and giving yourself grace, hope, healing, and joy are possible for you again. You deserve support. Attend a BTR.ORG Group Session today.

Self-Care, Support, & Emotional & Psychological Safety

Though you may not have access to all that you deserve, you can create a plan of safety, implement self-care, and you can find support. These are the three main contingencies on which hope, healing, and joy are made possible.

BTR.ORG Helps Victims Find Joy After the Chaos of Abuse

BTR offers many resources to victims. The BTR.ORG Podcast is an incredibly helpful tool of empowerment. Tune in and find solidarity and knowledge as you hear powerful stories from other victims of emotional & psychological abuse. 

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