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Every episode is transcribed, so each entry includes the podcast audio and transcription. The BTR podcast helps women establish safety from the pain and chaos caused by their husband’s lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic behaviors.


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How The Honor Code Punishes Abuse Victims

When the creator of the Instagram’s @honorcodestories started college, she was confident and safe. She loved the fact that her school had an Honor Code. She happily signed the Honor Code. Unfortunately, in her freshman year, she found out that the Honor Code Office was incredibly lacking. She ended up being a victim of emotional abuse. Find out what happened to her, why she started her Instagram account and what the results were.

Self-Care: Surviving In The Wilderness Of Abuse

Living in an abusive relationship can feel like a survival situation. In a lot of cases, it is a survival situation. When we’re in survival mode, our self-care is usually the first to go. Anne has struggled with self-care for a long time. She gives us an update on how that’s going for her and shares an article that her mom sent her.

3 Reasons Why Pornography Is An Abuse Issue

3 Reasons Why Pornography Is An Abuse Issue

Betrayal Trauma Recovery believes that pornography is abusive. While some experts still struggle to label it as abuse, there are many that agree. Anne speaks with Sarah McDugal, advocate and activist, who educates on domestic abuse and the dynamics involves in these relationships. Learn why she thinks pornography use is abuse.

“I Suddenly Realized I Was Being Abused!”

“I Suddenly Realized I Was Being Abused!”

People often wonder why abused women stay with their abusers. Most often, they just don’t realize they’re being abused. One woman shares her story of how she realized it was happening to her. Anne, Founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery, talks to Jenn, a Shero, about her...

What Is The Difference Between Benchmarks And Boundaries?

What Is The Difference Between Benchmarks And Boundaries?

What are benchmarks and how can we implement them in our healing and recovery? How are benchmarks different that boundaries? Are benchmarks an accurate measure of progress. Anne speaks with Lindsey, who has implemented an in home separation from her husband. They talk about what benchmarks to look for during the time of uncertainty.

What Is In-Home Separation And How Can It Help Me?

We know about boundaries and how those boundaries can keep us safe, but do we know that boundaries can be look different depending on individual circumstances? What happens when a boundary for safety needs to be maintained, but a formal separation is not realistic? Many women are finding safety in setting in-home separation boundaries, which can both maintain safety and invite peace in to their lives with a porn addict.  Anne speaks with Lindsey, a betrayed wife, about her decision to implement an in-home boundary.

The Best Resources for Wives of Sex Addicts

What are the best resources for wives of sexual addicts? It can be difficult to sort through the resources available after finding out about porn use, lies, manipulation, and infidelity. We’ve come up with a list of the best resources for wives of sexual addicts, so you can start with to help in your journey through healing. Join Anne, as she speaks with listener Lindsey, about the most helpful resources for wives of porn addicts.

Top Five Reasons 12-Step Can Be Helpful

The 12-step programs date back decades, with many people finding comfort, healing, and strength within the guiding principles. Here at Betrayal Trauma Recovery, we have highlighted and discussed some of the problematic principles with 12-step programs, but today, we are going to cover some of the helpful aspects to these programs and how they can provide hope and healing to someone who is suffering from betrayal trauma.  Anne speaks with Lindsey, one of our listeners, who shares her reasons that she has found 12-step programs helpful in her healing from betrayal trauma.

How Abusive Men Weaponize Codependency Language

How Abusive Men Weaponize Codependency Language

What is co-dependency? How is it dangerous and weaponized within an abusive relationship? Is co-dependency dangerous during abuse? Learn more about how the co-dependency model is used by abusers to further abuse. Join Anne as she speaks with Melinda about her experience where co-dependency language was weaponized and used to abuse her within her former relationship.

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