Relapse Preparedness: What If The Chaos Returns?

Coach Gaelyn

Relapse Preparedness: What To Do If The Chaos Returns

Recommended Six Individual Sessions with Coach Gaelyn

What if things are good for awhile, but slowly (or suddenly) his abusive behaviors come back again? How will I handle yet another hurt or heartbreak? Those are precisely the questions we’ll address in these sessions. Together, we’ll create an authentic, effective and proactive plan, developing an emergency response protocol to support you through the prospect of this painful possibility.

During your first session, Gaelyn will invite you to share your story, safely and openly, helping you to identify and express your feelings and needs in response to the idea of relapse. Together, you’ll begin to deepen you concept of relapse preparedness, addressing some of the common myths, facts and fears women face when confronting this topic.

During your second, third and fourth sessions, Gaelyn will coach you to develop your own relapse preparedness plan (RPP). She’ll help you to process any potential risks, roadblocks or vulnerabilities that could diminish the efficacy of your RPP, and you’ll discuss the pros, cons and challenges involved in sharing your RPP with others. Gaelyn will introduce the concept of “relapse redirection,” and will encourage participants to consider ways that relapse responsiveness can create momentum and leverage for proactive and positive life change

During your fifth and sixth sessions, Gaelyn will identify and validate the growth she’s observed in you, introduce the concept of “relapse resolution,” and invite you to customize and commit to honor your own relapse preparedness pledge.

To learn more about relapse preparedness, read Coach Gaelyn’s popular article on Covenant Eyes, How Can I Prepare for My Husband’s Next Porn Relapse?

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