Grief: Why Do I Feel Like I’m Dying Inside?

Coach Gaelyn

Grief: Why Do I Feel Like I’m Dying Inside?

Recommended Three Individual Sessions with Coach Gaelyn

For women reeling from betrayal and abuse, grief is a frightening, confusing and unpredictable process. Grief involves facing losses that are immeasurable, irreversible and indeterminate. Some women heal alone in the aftermath of relationships that don’t survive, while others seek to heal in close proximity to their addicted and/or abusive loved ones. Both realities create complex internal and interpersonal dynamics—the kind that can be difficult to navigate alone.

The good news is, you’re are NOT alone! In these sessions, Coach Gaelyn will help you to understand why sexual and relational abandonment triggers such an acute and unique grieving process.

During your first session, Gaelyn will invite you to share your story, safely and openly. As you do, she’ll pause to identify and normalize indicators for abandonment grief and trauma responses, using the unique and effective SWIRL model—along with its easy-to-remember visual and verbal cues.

During your second session, Gaelyn will encourage you to utilize this recognition to improve self-awareness, increase self-compassion and initiate your healing from addiction, abuse and abandonment.

She’ll also answer your questions about betrayal trauma and grief, such as:

  • Are these feelings “normal?” Or am I overreacting?
  • Why do I miss him, even though he abused and abandoned me?
  • What if I “open Pandora’s box” and discover I can’t survive what comes flooding out?
  • Is grieving necessary? What if I’m NOT grieving, but feel like I should be?
  • Will grief actually help me? Or will I risk getting stuck in my pain from the past?
  • I thought I was done grieving! So why do I still get hit with these waves of it?
  • I’m grieving, but not healing. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Is grief recovery truly possible?
  • Is there a point when grief becomes unhealthy?
  • How do I grieve the bad stuff without losing the good stuff?
  • This pain feels like death, but it also feels different. What’s up with that?

During your third session, Gaelyn will teach you to leverage grief to your own internal advantage, using them to motivate, fuel and facilitate deep, lasting and meaningful post-traumatic growth. She’ll recommend focal points for further grieving and coaching on this topic, including insights to explore Mourning To Move Forward.

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Coach Gaelyn helped me realize how important it is for me to let myself feel all the emotions associated with the grieving process, including RAGE. I have denied myself that emotion for too long, and during this group, I finally gave myself permission to feel angry about my divorce and process that anger in healthy ways.


Coach Gaelyn helped me to see a tunnel of light in my long journey toward healing after a heart-wrenching divorce. The grief tools she introduced are helping me to accept and process important emotions, including some I’ve needed to validate for a long time.


You’re an angel to do such needed work. Thank you for your time and efforts. They are appreciated more than words can express. Again, thank you!


Coach Gaelyn’s coaching style brings compassion and love into a difficult environment. She is well-versed in the topics she presents and emphasizes safety as her foremost concern, providing practical tips and tools that allow me to grow, heal and move forward.

Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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