How Do I Heal From Emotional Abuse?

Coach Gaelyn

How Do I Heal From Emotional Abuse?

Recommended Four Individual Sessions with Coach Gaelyn

Learning to identify emotional abuse isn’t easy. For survivors of sexual betrayal trauma, learning to heal from emotional abuse presents an even greater challenge. How can we advocate for ourselves when we’re terrified? How can we protect ourselves (and our children) from abuse that just doesn’t stop? How can we avoid getting sucked into predictable patterns? How can we share life with someone whose behavior continues to undermine ours efforts at peace and partnership?

Designed as a followup to Emotional Abuse: Is It Really Happening to Me?, these individual sessions will zero in on your own unique relationship dynamics, isolate one or more of your greatest challenge zones, then teach you how to become resistant and resilient to emotional abuse within those most challenging dynamics.

During your first session, Coach Gaelyn will invite you to share your story, safely and openly. She’ll ask questions to scope out the extent, severity, frequency and category of your emotional abuse, and she’ll recommend specific readings from Lundy Bancroft’s Daily Wisdom for Why Does He Do That? to help you become increasingly abuse resistant and abuse resilient.

During your second and third sessions, Gaelyn will invite you to process your response to one or more of these challenge zones, dedicating time to explore highlights that resonate, validate, concern or confuse you. During this work, Gaelyn will utilize Lundy Bancroft’s seven categories of healing reinforcement for abuse survivors:

  • Clarity: Recognize and understand your partner’s unhealthy behaviors, to keep him from confusing you or blaming you for his actions.
  • Surviving to Thrive: Manage the challenges of day-to-day life in your current circumstances, in order to build a better future for yourself tomorrow.
  • Healing: Restore your spirit after being wounded by your partner’s mistreatment.
  • Being Your Own Best Friend: Through kindness and patience, strengthen your belief in your own self-competence and goodness of heart.
  • Staying Connected: Break out of isolation, improve relationships with people other than your partner, and maintain connections with those who see and support you.
  • Guiding Children: Enjoy and value yourself as a mother, and help your children maintain the highest possible quality of life above-and-beyond abuse.
  • Each New Day: Focus on strength, inspiration and satisfaction, despite the challenges of dealing with an abusive partner.

During your fourth session, Gaelyn will help you to summarize and solidify what you’ve learned, reinforcing the strategies you’ve practiced to heal from emotional abuse within your relationship. She’ll recommend focal points for further growth and coaching on this topic, including insights to explore in future individual sessions, if desired.

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Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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