Understanding & Managing Triggers When Faced With Betrayal

Interactive Webinar: Understanding & Managing Triggers
One 2-Hour Class
- Two different sessions for different time zones:
1. October 14 @ 1:00PM EST (USA) / 6:00PM BST (UK)
2. October 16 @ 7:00PM NZDT (New Zealand)
Led by Coach Cat
Limited to 12 participants (minimum 6)

Without doubt, triggers are a pretty universal experience for women who have suffered sexual betrayal trauma and the related behaviors of lying, gaslighting, and narcissistic behaviors.

Triggers can pop up when you least expect it and in ways you would never have dreamed of. When they do, they can be genuinely paralyzing, distressing and panic inducing. They are also, sadly, unavoidable (for the most part) and so having a strategy or two for dealing with them is a wise move for your healing.

In this interactive webinar, Coach Cat will unpack some of the science behind triggers, how and why they happen, and how to recognize them. She will invite you to increase your awareness of your own personal triggers and the impact they have on you, - the first step to learning how to confidently recognize and face a trigger.

You'll learn how tracking triggers can help you prepare for unavoidable triggers and anticipate triggering situations (and even prepare for them pro-actively). Coach Cat will end the class by teaching you some of the simplest and most useable techniques for regaining your personal power over triggers and inviting the group to learn from one another by sharing some of their most effective tools and strategies.

There is no doubt that you will leave this workshop with a clearer understanding of why and how you are triggered, what you can do about it and with new tools in your toolbox to aid and enhance your healing.