Sisters In Recovery Support Group

betrayal trauma

10 sessions @ $400 ($40 per 90  minute session), includes original materials
Led by Coach Rae
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 3)

Sisters In Recovery is a ten-week support group for any woman recovering within a relationship wounded by infidelity, pornography, secrets and/or sex addiction. Its purpose is to validate, educate and empower you throughout your experience of intimate betrayal. Due to the uniquely personal nature of these issues, we often feel acutely and intolerably ALONE, especially when local support is limited or nonexistent. As women, we rarely heal from betrayal trauma independently (isolated from others). On the contrary, we usually heal mutually (in concert with others) through friendship, relationship and the spirit of community. 

In addition to weekly topics, each live support session will coach you through specific and real-time challenges—including the emotional, functional and relational stressors triggered by betrayal trauma. Facilitated by Coach Rae, this fast-paced journey digs into some of our most popular conversations and “frequently asked questions” by women healing from sexual betrayal. 

What's the most exciting and unique feature of THIS coaching group? Coach Rae doesn’t choose the final lineup of topics—instead, she invites YOU to elect the subjects YOU want to explore and address! Wonder what popular topics have been chosen by former participants? Check out the list at the bottom of this page.

PS: What’s great about a LIVE online coaching group? (1) It’s geography-independent, meaning you can participate from anywhere in the world. (2) It’s both convenient and private, meaning you can participate from comfort of your own cozy, self-soothing environment—wherever that might be! (3) It’s more affordable than one-on-one coaching. This means you get top-quality coaching (PLUS the added benefits of friendship and peer support) for less than half the cost of individual sessions. (Sessions are 90-120 minutes, depending upon number of participants.) 

Popular Choices for Top Ten Betrayal Trauma Topics:

  • Acceptance—What it IS, What it ISN’T
  • Accountability: His, Mine and/or Ours
  • Anger—Good, Bad, Ugly and Beautiful
  • Anniversaries: Will They Always Hurt THIS Much?
  • Boundaries 101: Introducing The “B” Word 
  • Boundaries and Beyond: How to Determine, Establish, Communicate and Change Our Boundaries
  • Boundaries and Consequences: Honoring Ourselves When Our Boundaries are Violated
  • Career Transitions and Professional Identities: Will My WORK LIFE Survive This Experience?
  • Change, Choices and Making Decisions
  • Denial: How to Recognize, Prevent and Protect Myself Against It
  • Discovery, Disclosures and D-Date Anniversaries: Sharing Our Stories
  • Divorce: The “D” Word
  • Dreamgirls: Designing Our Own Futures
  • Emotional Awareness and Equilibrium
  • Empathy: Inward, Outward and Upside Down
  • Fear: Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop
  • Family of Origin: Back to My Beginnings
  • FAQs about STIs
  • Financial Protection, Planning and Independence
  • Gaslighting: Losing My Grip on Reality
  • Expectations and Needs: What’s Normal, What’s Reasonable and What’s Realistic?
  • Growing through Grief: “Now is the Time for Guts and Grace”
  • Healing Me, Myself and I
  • Help! How to Find a Good Therapist, Counselor, Coach or Group
  • Hope: Is It Even Worth the Risk? 
  • Intimacy Anorexia, Avoidance and/or Aversion
  • Intuition: Can I Really Trust ME? 
  • Journaling, Art and Creative Expression
  • Learning to “Let It Go”—and When NOT to Let Go!
  • Life In Balance: What Are My Priorities? 
  • Loss: Counting the Costs
  • Living With Labels: What Do We Call What’s Happening Here?
  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Learning to Live in THIS Present Moment
  • Modalities for Trauma Recovery: EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Reiki, Hypnosis, Coaching, Therapy, Process Groups
  • Mommy Mode! Parenting in Partnership with an SA
  • Living in My Skin: Physical Health, Healing and Wholeness
  • Polygraph Testing Q&A
  • Relapse Preparedness Plan for Partners— “Just In Case”
  • Relationship Renovation: Rebuilding US from the Ground Up
  • Resource Roundtable: What Else is Out There?
  • Self-Care, Self-Protection and Self-Advocacy 
  • Self-Love and Self- Esteem: If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When? 
  • Self-Soothing and Emotional Regulation
  • Sex, Intimacy and Womanhood
  • Sexual Sobriety, Integrity and Recovery: What’s Our “Role in Relation” to these?
  • Spiritual Confusion and Crises of Faith
  • The Twelve Steps: An Introduction for Partners
  • Therapeutic and/or Trial Separations
  • Three Stages of Partners Recovery—Based on APSATS’ Signature Multidimensional Partners Trauma Model (
  • To Tell, or NOT to Tell? Sharing our STUFF with Children, Parents or Friends
  • Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD
  • Treatment-Induced Trauma: When Helpers Do More Harm than Good
  • Triggers: When The Going Gets Tough
  • Trust: Who, What, Where, When, Why and HOW?

If you’ve had it with your husband’s pornography / sexual addiction and related behaviors, such as lies, infidelity, gaslighting, narcissistic behaviors, Betrayal Trauma Recovery is for you. 

The consequences of your man's sexual addiction may cause you to experience fear, anxiety, insomnia, depression, despair, hopelessness, or other mental distress, financial difficulties, and abandonment. You are likely suffering from betrayal trauma and need help.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery professionals can help you establish emotional safety and peace in your home. You are not crazy, you don't have mental health problems. You are likely a victim of abuse and you need to heal.

If your husband has confessed his lies, compulsive sexual behaviors, and emotional abuse, promised to change, Betrayal Trauma Recovery APSATS Coaches will give you tools to know if the changes are real.