Relapse Preparedness - Just In Case

Live Support Group: Relapse Preparedness - Just In Case
4 live coaching sessions @ $160 ($40 per session, includes materials)
Live group coaching with Coach Rae
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 3)

What if I find out he's looking at porn again? That's the question we'll answer in this month-long workshop. Together, we'll create an authentic, effective and proactive plan of action, developing an emergency response protocol to support you through the prospect of this painful possibility. In this workshop, Coach Rae will:

  • Help you to identify your anticipated feelings, fears, vulnerabilities and needs in response to a potential relapse.
  • Explore the purpose, viability and limitations of a Relapse Preparedness Plan (RPP), then coach you to develop your own relevant, reliable and individualized RPP.
  • Invite you to take an RPP Action Pledge, committing to use your RPP if needed, and to reach out to other workshop participants for relapse survival support.

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