Hope & Healing From Abuse

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If my garden is any indication of healing and growth, especially my front yard where all those perennial flowers are, as I stand there, I’m like, “This feels safe and this feels secure and,” guess what else? It’s beautiful. I have faith that my life will be beautiful like that. It will be rich, and the roots will be deep.

Anne Blythe, founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Have Faith in Your Own Strength

When emotional abuse, betrayal, and resulting trauma are part of a woman’s life, the future may seem dim. Hope may feel impossible, and happiness like a myth.

However, victims of betrayal and emotional abuse can have faith in their own strength and resiliency.

Anne Blythe, founder of Betrayal Trauma Recovery, shares the empowering truth that women can trust themselves to grow and thrive after abuse. Tune in to the BTR podcast for more.

Hope For A Future Of Peace

In the throes of abuse, there is no safety. As women courageously set boundaries (boundaries are actions, not statements) to separate themselves from abuse, they begin to experience safety: emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual security.

Even when women have set and maintained strong boundaries, abusers may continue to try to cause harm. Triggers may make normal life feel impossible. The challenges of living within safety boundaries may feel overwhelming.

However, women can choose to hope for a peaceful future as they gain both more safety and more healing.

See How Far You Have Come

Anne has grown a beautiful garden, but it took time for the perennials to fill in, for the holes she was digging to become strong roots and lush leaves.

Women in betrayal trauma can take heart in seeing how far they have come. Recognizing abuse, accepting reality rather than the lies of the abuser, and seeking help and connection are all powerful indicators of a woman on her way to true peace and healing.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Supports Victims of Emotional Abuse and Betrayal

At BTR, we know how daunting the first steps of healing can be. Setting boundaries, real boundaries, is hard work. That is why the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group meets daily in every time zone: so that no woman ever has to wade through the difficulties of recovery alone.

Join today and find the validation, support, and love that you deserve.

Remember, you are not alone.

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  1. Julz

    I am saying prayers for you and your mission to educate and give hope to those who are hurting from the results of trumatizing, and abusive relationships. You’ll be on my heart in an unending prayer in anticipation of the release of this valuable podcast!!

    • Anne Blythe

      Julz, thank you so much for your love and support!!


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