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How to Heal From Betrayal Trauma: 3 Tips

by | Abuse Literacy

Healing From Betrayal Trauma IS Possible (And You Can Do It!)

At BTR, we believe that every betrayed and abused woman can find healing and peace as she follows the three steps to healing.

Often, women who have suffered devastating losses through the abusive behaviors of their partners, wonder if they will ever feel safe and happy again. The answer? Yes. Women are incredible, resilient, and strong.

Healing From Betrayal Trauma, Step # 1: Safety

This is a non-negotiable step in the healing process. Every women deserves and needs safety in order to not only thrive, but survive.

Emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, psychological, and financial safety are all necessary for victims of emotional abuse and betrayal trauma.

Safety doesn’t just mean that you’re not covered in bruises: it means that your needs (in all facets of life) are being met and that you are not walking on eggshells, being abused in any way, to any degree in your own space (including virtual and mobile spaces, like your phone), and that you feel a general level of solace in your day-to-day life.

Effective Boundaries Help Victims of Emotional Abuse Seek Safety

As you begin your journey to healing, start with setting and maintaining boundaries that separate yourself and your children from abusive behaviors.

Boundaries are not statements, requests, or ultimatums. They are courageous actions that you take to make sure that abuse doesn’t touch you or your children.

Healing From Betrayal Trauma, Step # 2: Support

Women need and deserve support as they process their trauma, make decisions, and move forward in their journeys. It is essential for every victim to have at least one (ideally, several) safe people that she can confide in, completely, about her feelings and situation.

Emotional and narcissistic abuse can make it very difficult to trust others and to find safe people to confide in.

BTR.ORG Offers Support to Victims of Abuse

Our BTR.ORG Group Sessions offer community, validation, and friendship as women all over the world meet to talk through their trauma and triumphs. Community members support each other through heartbreak and challenges. Attend a session today and find the support that you need as you begin your journey.

Healing From Betrayal Trauma, Step # 3: Education

Victims become empowered to make informed decisions about their own safety and health when they become educated about abuse and trauma.

Tune in to the free BTR podcast for informative and powerful stories of victims’ stories of triumph over trauma and abuse. This is an incredible tool for gaining knowledge about abuse and trauma.

BTR.ORG Was Founded To Help Victims Find Healing

BTR.ORG exists for you, the victims who have been wondering where to even start. When there is nowhere else to go, no answers to be found… when you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, we understand. Remember – you are NOT alone.

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  1. J Bond

    This 3 part series has been the best for me. Bringing reminded just how normal I am is so validating. Although my husband’s porn addiction is devastating enough, I’m so grateful D day happened before further progression occurred.

    • Debbie Mazorra

      Did you divorce your husband or work thru it somehow?

      • Annoying


  2. Elli

    I have found your podcasts soooo helpful…….I wish I knew what I know now 40 years ago……It would have saved me from years of abuse and betrayal pain. I never knew I was being abused because my husband didn’t hit me but the pain of all the affairs and subsequent gaslighting was unbelievably painful.


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