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healing trauma meditation
Guided Meditation & Trauma

Guided meditation can help victims of trauma and abuse.

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healing trauma meditation

Guided meditation is a powerful and effective tool that aids victims of abuse and betrayal.

What Is Guided Meditation?

Unlike traditional therapy, guided meditation allows women to relax, heal, and process without having to have a conversation. For some victims, this is an ideal foundational practice for healing from trauma.

As trained specialists lead a guided meditation session, victims are led through a process of mindfulness and relaxation as they follow verbal cues to elicit thoughts, processes, and images that may help victims on their healing journey.

Guided Meditation is a Gentle Process

Another benefit of guided meditation for victims is that there is no wrong way to do it. Women can find comfort in the slow process of practicing meditation without beating themselves up for not progressing faster toward healing.

5 Steps To A Successful Guided Meditation Session

  1. Go to a comfortable location.
  2. Preferably, close your eyes.
  3. If you feel like you don’t like closing your eyes for whatever reason you can just look down.
  4. Try sitting up in a chair in a way that makes you very comfortable.
  5. Clear your mind as the session begins.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Supports Victims of Betrayal and Abuse

At BTR, we understand how difficult it is to find resources for victims of betrayal and abuse.

The Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group meets daily in every time zone. Victims don’t have to wait to get the support they need now.

Join today and find a community of validation, support, and love.

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