Our non-profit is run by a group of women who have experienced various levels and types of betrayal - from abuse to infidelity. And lies. Lots and lots of lies. Our hope is that we can share our stories and experience to help other women recover from the trauma associated with betrayal.

Our non-profit is run by a group of women who have experienced various levels and types of betrayal - from abuse to infidelity. And lies. Lots and lots of lies.

Our hope is that we can share our stories and experience to help other women recover from the trauma associated with betrayal.



Whether it is through a coaching session, one of my groups, a workshop or a class, I have a mission: I strive to partner with people on a journey. Like the journey of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s a journey from being broken to becoming whole; a journey where my clients go from feeling lost, confused, and unsafe to a place of feeling safe, empowered, and having clarity.  My vision is for my clients to be able to say, “I have learned that I can heal. I have discovered who I truly am – my worth, my value - and I love who I am! I am whole and strong. I am connected to my truth and my voice - no one will ever be able to take that from me again, and I will never betray my voice or my truth again. I trust myself, and that is enough.”

What Can Someone Expect From Scheduling A Coaching Session With Me?

In individual coaching sessions with me, I give you the focus and priority you deserve! In these sessions, I tap into my natural curiosity and deep empathy to connect with what it is that you need during any given session, whether that be exploring how gaslighting is operating in your relationship and how to opt out of it, working with you around your self-worth, helping you establish healthy boundaries, providing a safe place for you to share your reality and get validation, or empowering you to discover your values and how to live more congruently with them.

My Personal Story

He was the love of my life. We had a family, and dreams of a future of growing old together. So when I found out about my husband's "problematic sexual behaviors" my reality was ripped away from me. The shattered pieces of my heart needed to be healed, and I told my husband, “I will fight for you, our marriage and our family . . . but only if you live a life of recovery.” And so I sat back and watched as my husband sought out specialized help. For a year he went to five different meetings/therapy sessions a week; he worked an incredible recovery program. He was the poster-boy for recovery. Seeing his work, and at the same time focusing on my own, slowly, my heart began to heal.  

There’s a LONG, complicated story here, but I’ll fast forward to four and a half years later. That is when the FULL truth came out about what my husband had done during his acting out. It was too much. I had said from the beginning that I was willing to risk my heart, but I would never be willing to risk the safety of my kids. I chose to stay in the marriage because it was what I thought was best for my family. But when the full truth came out, it become painfully clear that staying in my marriage was NOT in the best interest for my family. So 19 years to the day I said, “I do,” I stood before a judge and ended my marriage. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to do, but it was also the very thing I needed to do to be able to live in peace and safety.

Through this journey, as I healed, I discovered one of my greatest passions - to make the pain I’d been through count by helping others on a similar path; a passion to impart to others what I had learned – though you are broken - you can heal; you can be whole; you can discover yourself and love yourself; you can be connected to your truth and your voice; you can trust yourself.  You can know your worth . . . like the Phoenix, you, too, can rise from the ashes! 

Encouraged by one of my personal coaches to become a life coach, I set out on a quest to get my Professional and Relationship Coaching Certification from World Coach Institute (WCI), and then on to a highly specialized certification to work with Partners of Sex Addicts through the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS), of which I am a Certified Partner Coach.

I began coaching women in the fall of 2011 via Journey to Healing and Joy with Marsha Means. In the summer of 2012, I and my kids moved to Austin, TX. The winter of that year, I connected with Peter Daniels III – CSAT, LCSW, of Therapy Works. I was hired to help him build a program for the partners of the clients he worked with.

I live in Austin, TX, with my two children. In my spare time, you’ll most often find me running downtown along the Trail of Lady Bird Lake. I also love to spend time with my girlfriends – talking, laughing, almost assuredly cooking, and enjoying the richness of healthy relationship.  

Testimonials For Coach Sarah

"There was no place in Austin except Sarah's group, where I could be 100% honest where I was at in life due to the harmful affects of pornography in my marriage. These women surrounded me, accepted me, loved on me; I did not feel alone and I strongly believe it helped me with my resilience in being able to move forward." - K, Austin, TX

"Patience, understanding, guidance, and support. All of these things come to mind when I think of Sarah, which were the things I craved the most during my time of need. When I realized I was married to a sex addict, I had no idea what to think, what to do, nor did I even know what is was. One on one coaching with Sarah has helped me identify my inner strengths and make educated decisions as I go through this difficult journey. Attending her group meetings has also been extremely beneficial to lean against other women who are going through the same challenges with their partners. I have found fulfillment in just listening to their stories as they listen to mine. It is very refreshing to know I’m not alone and that I will survive this no matter what the outcome. I only wish I had joined Sarah’s group earlier!" - S, Austin, TX

"When I first was introduced to Sarah Morales, my world had turned upside down and I was lost in overpowering emotions. She helped coach me through the emotions and guide me to discover what finds me peace and to advocate for myself. After a year of working with her she started a support group which just aided in the healing even more. Thanks to her starting the group I have found deep friendships and support that I would never have found otherwise. She provided us with a safe space to be honest about our journey as the spouses of addicts and to find healing with humor and raw emotions. Thanks to our individual coaching and the group I have found a place of healing and strength and I would recommend anyone needing help try Sarah out. She is amazing!" -M, Austin, TX

“Sarah is such a wonderful person to have on my team. I immediately felt like she understood everything I was going through the very first time I spoke with her over the phone. My world was turned upside down within a matter of days, and I had Sarah on my side to keep me grounded and help me understand what was to be expected. A few days later, more traumatic information was shared….and then a few months later, full disclosure . . . She’s got a whole toolbox of things that help you take the information you weren’t expecting and deal with it in healthy ways. 

"I have always been a huge fan of emotional and mental support through counseling (or a life coach in Sarah’s case) and there are a few things that set her apart. She’s been through the trauma of having a sex addict husband, so when you talk with her, she really does understand. Something VERY comforting is that she genuinely wants to support her clients. She has a fantastic client portal where I frequently journal and surprisingly, she reads them all the time and responds! It feels so good knowing she’s really on my team and I feel like she’s always available when I need her through the journaling. There are also “emergency situations” where she is happy to be available. She knows what steps in the healing process you will need the most support.  She prepped me with grounding techniques before formal disclosure, which helped a lot. Her number one goal is to make sure I felt safe at all times.  

"Sarah is also very encouraging, very empowering, and she’s a beautiful example of how strong you can be during a really hurtful and long recovery. She’s a true inspiration to see how strong and confident she is after going through the same things we are going through with a sexual addicted spouse.

"One last thing that I LOVE about Sarah is that she works hand in hand with Peter, who my husband sees. I visit with Peter and my husband for 30 minutes and then split and let my husband and Peter work together while I work with Sarah. It’s a lot of teamwork all focused on the same goal – recovery!” - L, Austin, TX

"After I experienced betrayal in my relationship you could probably literally see me physically floundering for help. I was a mess, trying to make sense of what happened, and I just couldn't. I sought help from every possible source I could think of. From where I'm sitting now, over two years later, I can say that the help that Coach Sarah gave me was the best help of all. I saw a few different therapists, none of which had been trained in working with partners of sex addicts. Unfortunately, I ended up re-traumatized more than once because of some of the things I was told by other professionals. But, Coach Sarah got it. She understood the different phases I was going through and had practical tips for how to manage them with zero judgment about my healing process. Her coaching has been the best tool I have that has allowed me to get a grip on my life again. She is compassionate, thoughtful, gentle, and hilarious. One day she told me, "I see you. I SEE you." And for the first time in a long time I felt truly understood and safe even as the vulnerable mess I was." - L

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Coach Karen, CPLC, APSATS-C

Coach Karen, CPLC, APSATS-C