The power of connection is said to be essential in healing. Brene Brown states, “Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.” But how can we connect with others who can understand our struggles?

A women’s retreat may offer just the solution. Sara Nye, the President of Determined to Rise, a yearly retreat for women suffering from betrayal trauma, states, “What we are trying to create at the retreat is a sense of community and connection and wholeness in a group of women.” This years retreat starts September 7, 2018 in Bear Lake, Utah.

Connection Is Essential In Healing

The activities that will be available at the retreat include archery demonstrated by an all female crew from the Utah Dept. of Forest Service, horseback riding with 30 minutes of instruction so that even people who have never ridden a horse before can feel confident, and Dr. Barras, a chiropractor that teaches fire walking as a way to overcome fear.

Other activities include early morning yoga and art journaling, taught my Michelle Adams, in which the focus will be creating vision boards.

Anne Blythe, founder of BTR, states, “With recovery there is this dichotomy about taking back our power and also surrendering. Finding safety in connection can help women in this endeavor.”

Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video will help you get started with your Betrayal Trauma Recovery.

Nye states, “The theme for this retreat is “Find Your Fearless.”  It’s all about overcoming fear and learning how to be human in the midst of fear and how to overcome fear to move on to the next part of life. It is scary to set boundaries and to trust that you can take care of yourself in a safe place and trust that you can find a safe place…or trust that you even know what safety looks like. It’s the fear of the unknown.

How Does Connection Help In Finding Hope?

Blythe goes to describe the partnership in more detail, “One of the reasons Betrayal Trauma Recovery partnered with Determined to Rise is that it is such a fun retreat! I don’t know of any other retreat that has the capability of 100 women in one place and there is so much power and strength that comes from a group of women healing together. It’s such a positive experience. I felt loved, I felt connected. I made wonderful friends. I laughed a lot and listened to all the shared stories. This was one of my favorite things.”

“It’s great to create this connection because we hear our story through other women and we realize we are not alone. We aren’t different. We aren’t struggling with something that hasn’t been gone through before,” says Nye. “A big part of my healing was seeing other women who had been where I was and who have found happiness and safety and peace.”

Register for Determined to Rise today, as there is limited availability!

A new session will be available in the betrayal trauma group, so check out the new schedule! 

Until next week, stay safe out there!

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