What Can Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Do For Me?

***Podcast disclaimer: Early in Anne’s healing journey, as are many women, she was exposed to the codependency model for recovery from being married to a sex addict. She has since realized that she and other wives of addicts have truly experienced betrayal trauma.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery no longer supports the codependency model because it has been found to cause more harm than good. Betrayal Trauma Recovery strictly uses the trauma model for assisting women who are seeking peace and safety amid the chaos of their reality.

Anne continues to utilize the 12-step manual for developing and improving her own relationship with God. Anne now uses the trauma model for her own healing. You can find more about her thoughts on this podcast here.*** 

You might be asking, “Why do I need a support group? My husband is the addict, not me.”

This question was addressed in more detail in this post here.

Finding support can be vital to your healing and recovery from the betrayal and abuse. Learning from other women and finding strength and courage in the support from other women, can make a significant difference.

Many women find having a support group to be their most valuable tool.

Learn how others have found the support and help that some didn’t even know they were seeking from participating in Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Sessions:

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Groups Are Facilitated By A Trained Coach

“I worked the ‘Moving Beyond Betrayal’ program with Coach Sarah. This course specifically addresses setting boundaries for partners of sex addicts, but its principles are applicable in all areas of our lives.

“An intimate group of amazing women represented different stages of discovery and grief cycles. We came from various backgrounds and bonded together to find solutions to the challenges that women face after the initial shock of disclosure—when we are unable to make sense of reality. 

“When I recognized that the feelings attached to the experience of trauma are universal in nature, but there are some unique, heightened and very personal pain-points around this particular addiction, I was able to sort out truth from fiction and find coping tools.

“Sarah is instinctive and intuitive. She is unafraid to be flexible as the group congeals. This isn’t a cookie-cutter group with an unmovable agenda—there isn’t one way to approach the challenge of boundaries.

“Sex addiction is real. Treat yourself to this healing experience. Transcend the past, move past the ‘crazy’ and stand in your own truth in sisterhood.”


“I just happened to find the BTR podcast in the midst of finding out my spouse had been lying and cheating, again—actually, number 6, that I know of. The deepest, darkest moment of my life. 

“Words can’t express how listening to the podcast truly saved my life and made me feel like there are others out there—I wasn’t alone! The words of encouragement, education, support & knowing this situation is for real and I wasn’t crazy was so comforting!

“After searching the BTR site I noticed services were offered that could help even further. I decided NOW was the time and signed up.

“Words truly can’t express how this experience helped in my life!”

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Is Life-Changing And Empowering

“I also joined Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group and will miss the sessions with the coaches and brave women.  Each story & experience shared from the others touched my life in so many ways!  The encouragement, education, & knowledge received from the coaches & other women will forever be a part of my life! 

“I wish I would have found BTR sooner but know it simply was in God’s timing to bring this organization into my life!  I look forward to continuing individual sessions!

“Thank you, BTR & Anne, for everything!”


“BTR Group has been life-changing for me.”

“It challenged me out of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to make the hard choices for the betterment of my family and out of love for myself, my husband . . . I have been deeply impacted by hearing of the other ladies struggles and victories as well as having been able to learn from their stories and journeys.

“I made life-altering decisions out of the influence from the group.”

-C., Colorado


“I like having women who have walked in my shoes who can understand my situation and offer feedback. I greatly appreciate the expertise and training of the coaches!”

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Provides Support From Other Traumatized Women

“I was a member at the most crucial point of my discovery of infidelity and separation. It was unbelievable how much it carried me from day to day and gave me strength to hear the other women. We had a lot of experience in common.

“These are caring, articulate women. I have so much good to say and I hope to be back once some financial pressure with lawyers and home-cost settle.

“Also, the format is the most clear, safe, and ethically-run support group I have ever seen.”


“Unconditional support, the feeling that you all get it because you have lived it.”


“Women who understand. Women with similar issues. Women who support each other.”


“SUPPORT!!!!!! Validation, empowerment, education, organization and format of the groups, consistency of the group format, safety, confidentiality, respect, kindness, acceptance, love.

“I don’t use these worlds lightly—BTR Group and all of BTR has been a lifeline for me that is indescribable. Thank you SO very much.”


“The coaches provide helpful, insightful feedback. They are knowledgeable, kind, patient, and have helped me stay grounded in reality. The group members provide much-needed community and validation. BTR has been a godsend!”

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Offers Sessions That Fit Your Schedule

“It’s always there when I need it. The women and coaches in the groups know EXACTLY how painful and challenging every single day can be. The validation and guidance are invaluable.”


 “I like the fact that I can get help from home as I am unable to outside the home.”


“I love that you can join a group any day of the week.”


“I have a place where I can reach out for help and learn new tools. I am not alone.”


“The coaches are incredible. The support from the other women is so helpful.  I love that I can call as often or as little as I want/need and that if I need to talk there is someone there for me every day.”

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group, The Place For Validation

Most women find that when they join a support group, whether it’s BTR Group or their local group, just being around other women who are going through similar experiences is validating. They find healing that isolation never brought them.

Finding a good therapist or using a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach is helpful, but that feeling of sisterhood and kinship, can’t be found alone.

If you are looking for support, please join Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group. Sessions  are available for every time zone.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery also offers Individual Sessions around several different topics. Each of our coaches have expertise in a few areas. To learn more about what an Individual Session is like, please read here. If you would like to schedule an Individual Session, please go here.


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