Coach Peggy


Peggy is a Professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach with 20 years experience. She helps individuals reach a place of peace and joy through guided meditation to dismantle trauma and remove sabotaging unconscious programming. Using the language of the non-conscious mind, Journey Work creates lasting change. For many years, Peggy was married to a man with Same Sex Attraction and has first hand experience navigating this particular issue. Peggy is a certified Journey Practitioner (CJP) and trained with The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS) CPC-c.

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What I learned from you and the tools you taught me has been extremely helpful in setting boundaries. The healing work you did with me finally helped me overcome all the childhood pain and hurts inflicted by my husband. I am peaceful and really no matter what he decides to do, I am so good. You have been such a light to me and a blessing in my life!!

C.B., UT

Oh, Peggy ~ you just touch my heart so much. I just can’t say enough. Today’s session was absolutely a m a z i n g. Wow. How do I even describe that? Thank you so much for being the one to facilitate it. You are so graceful, so blessed and so intuitive. I am honored that I got to be taken through this monumental healing portion of my journey with you. It’s effortless working with you because I feel such a sense of trust with you that I know I can just be. Thank you for your unconditional love and support, Peggy. I hope you know in your soul that you absolutely contribute to everyone with whom you come in contact!

K.R., UT

Peggy’s help and coaching created a healing and wholeness that allowed me to think and function more clearly without all the emotional pain and triggers. Her therapeutic process gets to the root of the issues. It truly is a remarkable tool that would take months of traditional therapy to accomplish. I found it especially helpful when dealing with childhood trauma and emotional heartache. I am so grateful for the healing Peggy has brought into my life. She truly has a gift.

Teresa B., UT

I had been creating the same pattern in my relationships that kept me efforting to a degree leaving me feeling very empty and unfulfilled. After working with Peggy, I had HUGE realizations of myself, which resulted in HUGE shifts in my relationships. I went from a place of efforting to a place of allowing and receiving. I finally had clarity and peace instead of confusion and fear. In turn, I attracted a romantic relationship shortly thereafter where we both work together to create a loving and fulfilling relationship…the GREATEST I’ve ever had!