4 Ways Guided Meditation Helps Victims of Emotional Abuse

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Can victims of emotional and psychological abuse heal?

After the emotional battering, constant confusion from gaslighting, and heartbreak of betrayal?

The answer is yes! With time, self-care, safety, and empowerment, women can heal from betrayal and abuse.

Guided Meditation Quiets The “Trauma Voice”

Abusive men condition their victims to question and berate themselves. Over time a “trauma voice” develops: that little voice inside of your head that tells you that you aren’t enough, that you can’t do it, that you are really the abusive one.

The “trauma voice” is a coping mechanism that lies to you and makes healing more difficult. Guided meditation helps to quiet that voice and ultimately replace it with healthy core beliefs.

Silencing the “trauma voice” is an important step in healing from betrayal and abuse.

Guided Meditation Can Empower Victims To Seek Safety

Many victims of emotional abuse struggle with the concept of boundary-setting. Because abusers mock, overstep, and ignore boundaries, many victims feel insecure and overwhelmed, even fearful, to set safety boundaries.

Guided meditation can help victims process that fear and overcome it, so that they can take courageous steps to separate themselves from abuse.

Divorce is not the worst-case scenario. Abuse is the worst-case scenario.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Guided Meditation Can Help Victims Emotionally Prepare For Divorce

At BTR, we believe that every woman deserves safety in every aspect of her life. For some victims of betrayal and abuse, this will mean separation and/or divorce.

Divorce is not the worst-case scenario: abuse is the worst-case scenario.

But divorce is still hard. Guided meditation can help victims restore serenity, peace, and even aspects of physical health so that they are prepared for the difficult feelings that may come with divorce.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Supports Victims of Emotional Abuse

The exhaustion, pain, and confusion of emotional and psychological abuse can take an enormous toll on victims.

At BTR, we believe that every victim of betrayal and abuse deserves a safe place to process trauma, share stories, ask questions, and make connections with other victims who get it. That is why the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group meets daily in multiple time zones.

Join today and receive the validation, support, and compassion that you deserve as you begin your journey to heal from emotional and psychological abuse.

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