Setting & Holding Healthy Boundaries

Coach Sarah

Setting & Holding Healthy Boundaries

Coach Laura 

Recommend 6 Individual Sessions

How do I find peace – emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually, and spiritually – while navigating the often messy and confusing journey of being in relationship with someone recovering from abuse? The foundation for finding peace is understanding and implementing healthy boundaries. Coach Sarah will:

  • Guide you through key topics relevant to the way betrayal trauma impacts boundaries.
  • Help you learn how to identify where you need boundaries put into place.
  • Teach you how to craft a boundary request.
  • Guide you through the process of deciphering when a boundary is a “non-negotiable” or “deal-breaker” boundary.
  • Work through the often most difficult aspect of boundaries – what to do when there is a “boundary violation”.

In each session, you will experience a safe place to voice your questions, while receiving feedback, validation, and encouragement.

Additional reading and homework will help maintain momentum during the week.



I worked the boundaries group with with Coach Sarah. This course specifically addresses setting boundaries, and its principles are applicable in all areas of our lives. An intimate group of amazing women represented different stages of discovery and grief cycles. We came from various backgrounds and bonded together to find solutions to the challenges women face after the initial shock — when we are unable to make sense of reality. I was able to sort out truth from fiction and find coping tools. Coach Sarah is instinctual and intuitive. This isn’t a cookie-cutter group with an unmovable agenda – there isn’t one way to approach the challenge of boundaries. Treat yourself to this healing experience. Move past the “crazy” and stand in your own truth in sisterhood.


I signed up Setting & Holding Healthy Boundaries with Coach Sarah. Words truly can’t express how this experience helped in my life! I will miss my Tuesday evening meetings with Coach Sarah & the brave women that also enrolled in this course. Each story & experience shared from the others touched my life in so many ways! The encouragement, education, & knowledge received from Coach Sarah & our group will forever be a part of my life! I wish I would have found BTR sooner, but know it simply was in God’s timing to bring this organization into my life! I look forward to continuing support calls & enrolling in future groups! Thank you BTR (Anne) & Coach Sarah for everything!


I was referred to Coach Sarah (and BTR) by my personal counselor. I didn’t know what to expect, but from the first day, I could feel the support of other women and a great experience of Sarah. Women in our group were experiencing similar challenges, so it was easy to share with them and support them. It was a great source of healing for me. I highly recommend any BTR support group that Coach Sarah leads. It helped me to feel much better during difficult times.”

Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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