Stopping Emotional Abuse & Gaslighting

Stopping Emotional Abuse & Gaslighting 

Recommended 6 Individual Sessions

Most of us find it difficult to identify ourselves as victims. We often fail to recognize more subtle forms of relational, emotional, financial, sexual and spiritual abuse—especially when it’s happening to us.

At BTR, we seek to support women who are healing from the abuse, and the abuse associated with pornography use. This starts with recognizing the behaviors, assigning them the appropriate terms, and using skills to get to safety.

During our sessions, we will:

  • Look for patterns of abuse in your relationship
  • Create tools to navigate abusive dialogue
  • Establish a safety plan
  • Work on problem ownership with opt outs for misaligned blaming

During these sessions, we recommend reading:

Gaslighting is a form of abuse that is difficult to recognize – it’s complex and nuanced, with stages, with different methods and traps.

Though often done subconsciously, gaslighting aims to control the other person, cover up abusive, or as a shame response. Regardless of the reason, the gaslighter manipulates and lies to you which ultimately makes you feel crazy.

Working with a BTR coach will be a SAFE place for you to learn:

  • An understanding of what gaslighting is; the difference between a lie, “regular” manipulation, and this type of abuse.
  • An ability to recognize the different types of gaslighters, the tactics they use, the dimensions it reaches, the stages of gaslighting, and its effects.
  • An awareness of the traps and risks/vulnerabilities you may have toward being lied to / manipulated.
  • The ability to recognize when gaslighting is happening.
  • Tools you can use to “opt-out” when you recognize gaslighting.
  • An ability to engage the tools to empower you to opt out of gaslighting episodes.

In each session, you’ll experience a safe place to voice your questions and receive feedback, validation, and encouragement.

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“I was desperate for help and searched the internet for answers. I came across BTR’s info on gaslighting. So this is what I’d been experiencing in my marriage for 26 years, and there’s a name for it?! It was literally a mind blowing revelation for me. That led me to the BTR website where I went on a podcast binge and listened to everything I could get my hands on. The “fog” of gaslighting began to lift and with the help of one of the coaches, I gained the courage to set some significant and appropriate boundaries.  I registered for individual sessions. Honestly, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the subject and didn’t expect to learn much more. Was I ever wrong. What I thought I knew about gaslighting was only a drop in the bucket. Her sessions were very informative and practical with examples, role playing, and opportunities to apply what we were learning to our real life situations in a safe situation with feedback and encouragement. If you have been betrayed, chances are gaslighting is or has been a significant part of your story as well. I would encourage you to do the gaslighting sessions and begin to leave the “fog” behind. Knowledge is power.”

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