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Support Calls

Schedule a call with a Betrayal Trauma Recovery APSATS trained specialist. Your call can be on the phone or over video chat, it's up to you. Choose the coach you prefer, and schedule a call today.

Get reduced pricing when you purchase a package of three coaching calls.

* Be sure to set your time zone!


Support Groups

1. Interactive Webinars

Our interactive webinars are one session classes. They are online, live, face-to-face, interactive, and limited to 12 women.

2. Topic Based Groups

Topic based support groups are based on a specific topic and limited to six women

3. Coach Led Facebook Groups

Our Facebook Support Groups aren't real-time, face-to-face interactions, like our groups and Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club, but they're still limited to 12 women.

Facebook Groups offer: 

1) Convenience. You can engage the group anytime, anywhere.

2) Professional Support. You can engage in the middle of the night or on your lunch break with an APSATS coach! It will always be a safe space with professional, experienced feedback.  

Facebook Support Groups use workbooks to guide your progress. We offer:

Our Facebook Groups use privacy settings, allowing each participant to maintain protective boundaries between your friends / family and your BTR group. If you have further concerns about privacy, please contact Coach Rae at rae@btr.org

4. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club - REGISTER NOW

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club gives you access to multiple APSATS coaching sessions per week, with no need to schedule or wait for an appointment. Get support and insight about your specific situation, ask questions, and get the tools you need most. Our coaches are experts at all the topics and tools outlined on our services page. Show up for any (or all!) of our BTR Club 90 minute sessions each week. As more subscribers join BTR Club, we’ll add more sessions at no added cost to you.

Currently, we have three sessions:

  • EVENING: Tuesdays 8 PM Eastern (Coach Kim)
  • WEEKDAY: Thursdays 1 PM Eastern (Coach Sarah)
  • WEEKEND: Saturdays 6:00PM Eastern (Coach Rae)

Benefit from qualified Betrayal Trauma Recovery APSATS coaching for as little as $6 an hour! $100 per month. 3 month minimum commitment. 

For more details, email Coach Sarah at sarah@btr.org


Join our community to find out more about when we offer our webinars and groups. When you see one that interests you sign up quickly because seats go fast.