WHO: Betrayal trauma survivors who need quick, convenient and frequent access to our BTR coaches. 

WHAT: BTR Coaching Club is an ongoing subscription that enables you to drop in for APSATS coaching when you need it. Get professional support from a different BTR coach every 2-3 days, with no need to schedule or wait for an appointment.

WHERE: From the convenience of your home phone, smart phone, tablet or computer.

WHY: As recovering women, we understand: sometimes you need help ASAP, without the stress of scheduling an appointment.

WHEN: Show up for any (or all!) of three convenient sessions each week. All sessions are 90 minutes in length.
EVENING: Tuesdays 8 PM Eastern (with Coach Kim)
WEEKDAY: Thursdays 12 Noon Eastern (with Coach Sarah)
WEEKEND: Saturdays 6 PM Eastern (with Coach Rae)

HOW: After you register, you'll be given phone and online access for all three of these groups. You can drop in for coaching support when you need it, then stay for the whole session or pop out after your turn is over. 

COST: At this price, you benefit from qualified APSATS coaching for as little as $6 an hour! $100 initial enrollment fee plus $100 per month. 3 month minimum commitment. 

BONUS! As more subscribers join BTR Coaching Club, we’ll add more sessions at no added cost to you.

READY? Register anytime! BTR Coaching Club will launch as soon as we have 10 subscribers. For more details, email Coach Sarah at


Workbook: Facing Heartbreak
16 weeks @ $160 ($10 per week)  + workbook purchase cost
Online workbook study with Coach Rae
Starts June 1, 2017
Limited to 12 participants

Facing Heartbreak is designed to gently educate, empower and guide you through betrayal trauma. You’ll learn new ways to process much of that pain, and you'll explore your own capacity for hope, healing and personal recovery. This workbook study provides a SAFE space for you to process, write and share your responses to the content of each chapter. Workbook study includes weekly assignments, feedback, and four secret Facebook Live Q & A Sessions (within the secret group) with Coach Rae. 

For more details, email Coach Rae at

Workbook: The Spiral Path — Who Am I Beyond Betrayal Trauma?
24 weeks @ $240 ($10 per week)  + workbook purchase cost
Online workbook study with Coach Rae*
Starts June 1, 2017
Limited to 12 participants

Do you feel lost or consumed within this world of betrayal trauma? 

  • Do you wonder what's left of YOU, the woman who existed before your world came crashing down? 
  • Are you weary from a life that revolves around sexual betrayal trauma? 
  • Are you looking for a way to move your soul forward? 

If so, this group is for YOU! Join us on a six-month journey, designed to help women like us reclaim ourselves. Through a collection of creative activities, bodily exercises and simple-yet-powerful reflection questions, Coach Rae invites you to:

  • RELEASE what no longer serves you.
  • RECEIVE what you need to live fully (and authentically) in the present.
  • RETURN to your role within the world around you—not as a woman carrying the burden of sexual betrayal, but as a woman who survives and thrives BEYOND betrayal trauma.

For more details, email Coach Rae at


Top Ten Betrayal Trauma Topics
10 live coaching sessions @ $400 ($40 per session, includes original materials)
Live group coaching with Coach Rae
Wednesdays @ 5:00PM Eastern (Starts June 7, 2017)
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 3)

Ready to learn, heal and grow? Join Coach Rae for this three-month support group, created for women recovering within relationships wounded by sexual betrayal. This group will move quickly yet safely, designed to validate, equip and empower you on the road to recovery, getting you “up to speed" by the end of this summer. What's the most exciting and unique feature of THIS coaching group? Coach Rae doesn’t choose the final list of topics—YOU do!

For more details, email Coach Rae at

Workbook: Rescued by Shelly Martinkus
8 weeks @ $320 ($40 per week)  + workbook purchase cost
Live group coaching sessions with Coach Karen
Mondays @ 8:00PM Eastern (Starts June 12, 2017)
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 4)

Through this Christian workbook, Coach Karen will guide you through key topics designed to help you survive and thrive after sexual betrayal, with laser focus on:

  • Loving yourself through God’s eyes
  • Facing your needs, triggers, anger and grief
  • Forgiveness, freedom and healing our wounds
  • Discerning lies and living in truth

In each group coaching session, you’ll receive safety, validation, feedback, encouragement and prayer—plus homework to maintain your momentum during the week. Most importantly, Coach Karen will support you in asking this brave and vulnerable question: “What is God teaching me through this experience?”

For more details, email Coach Karen at

Relapse Preparedness - Just In Case
4 live coaching sessions @ $160 ($40 per session, includes materials)
Live group coaching with Coach Rae
Saturdays @ 12:00PM Eastern (Starts July 8, 2017)
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 3)

What if I find out he's looking at porn again? That's the question we'll answer in this month-long workshop. Together, we'll create an authentic, effective and proactive plan of action, developing an emergency response protocol to support you through the prospect of this painful possibility. In this workshop, Coach Rae will:

  • Help you to identify your anticipated feelings, fears, vulnerabilities and needs in response to a potential relapse.
  • Explore the purpose, viability and limitations of a Relapse Preparedness Plan (RPP), then coach you to develop your own relevant, reliable and individualized RPP.
  • Invite you to take an RPP Action Pledge, committing to use your RPP if needed, and to reach out to other workshop participants for relapse survival support.

For more details, email Coach Rae at

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Betrayal & Boundaries Workshop
6 live coaching sessions @ $240 ($40 per session, includes materials) 
Tuesdays @ 9:00PM Eastern
Limited to 6 participants

Growing Through Grief
Spring/Summer 2017
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 3)

Our Quest for Closure
Spring/Summer 2017
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 3)

How Can I Protect & Heal My Children?
2 Hour Online Workshop, includes original materials, journaling questions, and resource list
Limited to 10 participants

This is your chance to ask questions about your specific family dynamics - and to learn from questions posed by other women in similar situations. Guest Coach Lori Rubenstein is a divorce, mediation and child advocacy EXPERT - and she'll respond with direct, knowledgable and realistic feedback, all within a safe group environment. 90 minutes of workshop time with Coach Lori and Coach Rae, followed by a 30-minute process group (optional) with Coach Rae immediately afterward. *Women who are still undecided, or are thoughtfully considering divorce or separation are warmly welcome.

Common Questions:

  • What measures can I take to protect my kids, particularly at times when they're not with me?
  • Are my requests reasonable?
  • Are my expectations realistic?
  • Should my kids be in counseling? If so, how do I choose the right kind of counsellor?
  • What if my ex won't respect my boundaries?
  • What if my kids are exposed to porn while they're with my ex?
  • My ex blames me for the divorce because I'm the one who filed. Now he's telling the kids that I'm the reason our family isn't together. How do I deal with that?
  • I hate that my kids have been hurt by their father's actions and my responses to it. how can help them heal from this family trauma?

For more details, email Coach Rae at

Surviving & Thriving Through Divorce
12 live coaching sessions @ $480 ($40 per session), includes original materials
Live group coaching with Coach Rae
Limited to 5 participants (minimum 3)

Surviving & Thriving Through Divorce is a four-month program for any woman whose marriage does NOT survive the trauma of sexual betrayal. Unlike other programs that support ALL partners of sex addicts (regardless of their relationship status), this group focuses EXCLUSIVELY on the needs of divorced, divorcing and separated women. As your facilitator, Coach Rae is qualified to support your healing on multiple levels: first, from the underlying horror of betrayal trauma, then from the secondary (sometimes deeper) trauma of divorce itself. 

For more details, email Coach Rae at

Workbook: Intimate Treason
12 weeks @ $120 ($10 per week) + workbook purchase cost ($13.87)
Online workbook study with Coach Cat
Limited to 6 participants

Intimate Treason is a self-help workbook for any woman in an intimate relationship with her sexually addicted spouse. Participants are invited to post your work and invite feedback from others (to whatever degree you feel able and comfortable). As your facilitator, Coach Cat will keep the group safely on track, support you through exploring your most intimate betrayals, and help you gain the most possible (and practical) recovery during our 3 months together. Workbook study includes weekly assignments, feedback, and three secret Facebook Live Q & A Sessions (within the secret group) with Coach Cat. 

For more details, email Coach Cat at

 * At BTR, we honor your need for safety and privacy! Several of our coach-facilitated support groups utilize an exclusive Facebook group space, for the sake of convenience and affordability. We operate these groups using Facebook's most tightly restrictive privacy settings, allowing each participant to maintain protective boundaries between your personal life (friends and family) and your betrayal trauma recovery work. If you have further concerns or questions about privacy accommodations on Facebook, please contact Coach Rae at