Coach Cat is one of two APSATS trained coach in the UK. Because Betrayal Trauma Recovery is an online coaching practice, she has clients all over the world - many in the United States. With so few resources there to support women facing the heartbreak of betrayal trauma, she is a guiding light to educate women about the effects of betrayal trauma, adding her hard won personal experience. She is a passionate advocate for women worldwide.

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Testimonials For Coach Cat

“Cat has been a blessing and help in a very dark time for me. The support and encouragement from her has been invaluable and has given me a clearer understanding of how to take proper care of myself through this process. Working with Cat has taught me so much about myself.” – C, England

“The opportunity to work with Cat came over two years from discovery date. I was on a plateau of complacency, fed up with recovery and feeling very tired of it all. With Cat’s help I am now feeling re-energized and positive again. I only wish such support had been available to me during the early crisis time when I felt so alone, so ashamed and so scared” – F, England

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