Women For Decency Is Now Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Women For Decency is now Betrayal Trauma Recovery.

Our Current Focus

Because other organizations have formed that help women protect their children and communities, we now focus on helping the women who are deeply victims of their husband’s lies, emotional abuse, and infidelity. 

Betrayal Trauma Recovery leads women to protect their homes from the harms of abuse, including lying, manipulation, and pornography use. We believe that any effort to heal the world without first healing ourselves and our homes only prolongs our pain and does not stop the abuse. We have found through painful personal experience that leading the charge against pornography without stopping the abuse intensifies the chaos.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery aims to mobilize a mighty army of healthy women and literally bring down the pornography industry through setting boundaries and taking care of ourselves. Women learn these – and other – amazing tools as they listen to the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast and work with the BTR professional coaches.

Once women have stabilized and healed their home, we encourage them to join the fight against this pandemic by helping us or one of our partner organizations.

Women Need Your Support

Our History

Women For Decency (now btr.org) was founded to educate and mobilize women to protect families and communities from the pitfalls of pornography. Since 2001, the organization has evolved in a variety of ways, and many organizations have developed that now focus on different aspects the original mission. We still mobilize women to protect families and communities by collaborating with the following organizations.

  • We officially partner with Center For Peace, an organization that helps men stop their abusive behaviors, including lying and porn use.
  • The National Center on Sexual Exploitation addresses the public health crisis of pornography and exposes the links between all forms of sexual exploitation.
  • White Ribbon Week programs build confident and resilient children who make conscious, positive choices in media and technology.
  • Educate & Empower Kids empowers families to create connections by providing resources that encourage conversation, activities and quality time.

Accomplishments and Endeavors

  • Created The Cover it Up Campaign:  Worked with Utah Retailers Association, Borders and Smiths to enforce present community standards requiring businesses to put hard plastic opaque covers on soft-porn magazines.

  • In 2001, Women For Decency helped create the Utah Coalition Against Pornography (UCAP), and has continued to help organize and find volunteers for UCAP since it was founded. UCAP is now the world’s largest yearly anti-pornography conference. Several members of Women For Decency have served as board members, including Janalyn Holt, Board Member, Advisory Council Chair; Judy Cox and Angela Page, UCAP Advisory Council.

  • Created S.P.E.A.K. model for women to use to discuss concerns about pornographic material with business owners.

  • Initiated Child Internet Protection Act HB341 (2004) making Utah the first state to ensure “public use” computers are filtered prior to receiving state funding.

  • Service on Utah Family Action Coalition Team (FACT) at the Utah State Capitol from 2012 – 2016.

  • Instituted White Ribbon Week in Utah public schools (2001-2015), promoted by PTAs in each school. This week focuses on education of children and parents in safe media use. 

  • Produced a short video Pornography Is A Big Problem for YouTube to raise awareness.

  • Worked with Deseret Book and UCAP to produce the DVD Pornography, The Great Lie helping families combat the problem of pornography.

  • Sponsored Protecting Children and Families Conference for three years which then transitioned to UCAP. 

  • Involved in having PAC-SUN remove illicit merchandise from all Utah stores.

  • Worked with other groups to have Utah City Councils pass a “Family Friendly Ordinance.”

  • Organized a youth rally at the Utah State capitol for two years. This rally encouraged youth to sign a pledge against pornography.

  • For four years, organized a traveling assembly in conjunction with Jan Brady, performed by high school students for children at the elementary school level called Protect Their Minds. 

  • Promoted Pummel Pornography 5k and raised awareness that boys AND girls are using pornography.

  • Participated in North Fulton County, GA United Way THRIVE Planning Meetings on Well-Being of Children.

  • Organized Shine the Light on Pornography: Atlanta, including Fight the New Drug parent presentation at Johns Creek High School.

  • Organized a library Initiative for Protect Young Minds.

What Can I Do To Progress The Movement For Decency?

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