Surviving & Thriving Through Divorce

Coach Gaelyn

Surviving & Thriving Through Divorce

Recommended 12 Individual Sessions with Coach Gaelyn

Surviving & Thriving Through Divorce is for any woman whose marriage does NOT survive the trauma of addiction, abandonment, and/or abuse. Unlike other topics that support all victims of abuse (regardless of their relationship status), these sessions focus exclusively on the needs of divorced, divorcing, and separated women. With advanced training in grief and divorce recovery coaching, Coach Gaelyn seeks to help women heal from the multi-layered impact of this experience: first, from the underlying horror of abuse and betrayal, then from the secondary (sometimes deeper) trauma of divorce itself.

During our safe and supportive sessions, participants will utilize original material written by Gaelyn, to address 12 key topics of divorce recovery for betrayal trauma survivors, including:

  • Discovery Day: The beginning of the end
  • Decision = The “D” Word: How did I decide to divorce? Or is this divorce something I don’t want, but it’s happening anyway?
  • Disintegration: How do I now relate to my soon to be ex husband or ex husband?
  • Detailing the Damage: What have I lost in this whole experience?
  • Death Spiral: How am I experiencing grief in response to my looming divorce? Or after my divorce was finalized?
  • Divorcing Homes, Divided Hearts: How is this divorce affecting my family and social relationships?
  • Does Divorce Equal Failure? If my marriage failed, what does that say about me?
  • Deconstructing Sex, Intimacy and Womanhood
  • Date Night? Where am I at with the idea of future romance?
  • Discovering Me—Who Am I, Anyway? What’s my identity in the aftermath of this experience?
  • Designing Our New Lives: What kind of post-divorce life do I want?
  • Declaration Day: How will I say goodbye to my once-married life?

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Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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