Healing Trauma Through Breath & Movement

Healing Trauma Through Breath & Movement

Coach Chantelle

Yoga helps process the trauma physically, on a deep level. The biggest effects take place in the brain and nervous system. Emotional stress has a bigger impact that health or physical stress. Victims often become detached from their senses, and yoga is a step toward coming to yourself again.

Yoga is the science of awareness and what we are studying is ourselves. Sessions with Chantelle will help you reset your brain and be in the present, decreasing anxiety and the lasting effects of trauma on our body and mind.

Five Physiological Benefits of Yoga:

  1. Calms and resets the nervous system
  2. Moves trauma out of your body
  3. Strengthens the nervous system
  4. Detoxifies organs
  5. Connects your emotions and body

Six-week workshop starts soon. Register ASAP because space is limited.

Dates/Times: TBD

Group Limit: 6 participants

Contact: chantelle@btr.org


Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.