Disclosures & Polygraphs

Disclosures & Polygraphs

Recommended 3-6 Individual Sessions

We offer these services in conjunction with services for men at Center for Peace.

Abusive men disclose their behaviors in various ways. Some by fire hose. Others by trickling details here and there, mixed with minimization and blame. We know how important it is to establish a foundation of truth. In these sessions, you’ll learn how to advocate for the truth, while setting boundaries for your safety.  

As a specially trained disclosure & polygraph guide, Coach Joi will use these sessions to:

  • Help you establish good boundaries while the truth is being determined. 
  • Help you create a plan for discovering the truth and a contingency plan if the truth is unknowable.
  • Support you if your husband is doing a disclosure with someone other than Center for Peace to educate you about the potential dangers and ensure your emotional safety throughout the ordeal.

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