Is My Husband Gay?

Coach Peggy

Is My Husband Gay?

Coach Peggy

Recommended 3-6 Sessions

Has your husband abused you by acting out sexually with other men? Has he abandoned your family to live a gay lifestyle? Does he neglect your sexual relationship due to his fantasizing and porn use?

Or does he say he’s attracted to men and is working in a community to change that? Yet, year after year his behaviors don’t change, and he never has enough time for you? Are you always second priority to his male friendships and healing path?

Coach Peggy has 28 years experience helping women navigate the trauma of dealing with issues related to Same Sex Attraction, whether your husband identifies as gay or not.

Her sessions can help you:

  • Process your emotions.
  • Sort out reality from the manipulation.
  • Determine your level of emotional safety.
  • Create an emotional, physical, and sexual safety plan.

Schedule a session today to talk to Coach Peggy. She has experienced this first hand and has years of helping women face the particular pain and chaos created by a husband who acts out sexually with other men.




Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.