Mourning To Move Forward

Coach Gaelyn

Mourning To Move Forward

Recommended Six Individual Sessions with Coach Gaelyn

Grief isn’t pleasant, ranging from mild (low-level misery) to severe (intense and unbearable anguish). “If grieving is so awful,” some women ask, “then why in the world would we want to focus on it?”

Coach Gaelyn’s experienced answer begins with this: “There are two different ways to grieve the losses we suffer from addiction, abandonment and abuse. You can either grieve actively (on purpose), pursuing a plan that moves you forward, or you can grieve passively (by default), delaying a non-plan that just keeps you stuck.” Utilizing her favorite collection of exercises, these sessions empower you to approach the grief process wisely, bravely and with professional support:

During your first session, you’ll be invited to share your story, safely and openly, identifying your unique experience of tangible, intangible, temporary and permanent losses. She’ll introduce techniques that are critical to grounding yourself through this period of loss and grief work, and she’ll assign specific exercises for use in sessions two and three.

During your second and third sessions, Gaelyn will review your initial excercises, allowing time to interactively process the pain surfaced by each one. Together, you’ll strategize small-yet-meaningful action steps, empowering you to make peace (or progress toward peace) with each loss.

During your fourth and fifth sessions, Gaelyn will prompt you to write, read and/or record a series of letters that “talk back” to the addiction, abandonment and abuse. She’ll also support you through drafting a series of “goodbye” letters, closing one chapter of life as you formerly knew it—for the sake of creating, concretizing and maintaining closure.

During your sixth session, Gaelyn will help you to design and share a custom grief ritual, along with a celebration of your courage to grieve through the pain—and toward the growth.

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Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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