Healing My Self-Worth

Coach Sarah

Healing My Self Worth

Recommended Three Individual Sessions with Coach Joi

These three sessions is are lovingly crafted to:

1) Help you see where childhood messages, our culture, and the betrayals we’ve faced have damaged our self-worth and self-image
2) Find inspiration to see yourself in a new way
3) Teach you tools to combat this on-going struggle

“Perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us, they know exactly how it should be done.” – Rudy Francisco.

In our culture, our self-worth is often derived from our self-image. This is the exact opposite of how we find freedom, confidence, and peace from the endless striving to be something or someone else.

Add to that the damage done by the unrealistic representations pornography puts out there, or the comparison to affair / acting out partners, and most women dealing with betrayal trauma have had their self-worth and self-image shattered.

These sessions help you see yourself differently, and empower you to love yourself fiercely – connecting you to a place of truth that, with work, will not easily be taken away from you ever again.

  • Take a look at the negative messages we’ve come to believe about ourselves from childhood, our culture, our marriage/relationship, and the betrayal we’ve endured
  • Identify the lies in these negative messages, and work to reframe them to reflect the truth about who we really are
  • Work through a few tools to help us connect with our self-love and craft mantras that will help us
  • STAY connected to that self-love when the gremlins pop up and try to rob us of our peace and self-love

For more details, email Coach Joi at joi@btr.org

Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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