Emotional Abuse: Is It Really Happening to Me?

Coach Gaelyn

Emotional Abuse: Is It Really Happening To Me?

Recommended Four Individual Sessions with Coach Gaelyn

Abuse is a strong word—and because of that reality, most of us find it difficult to identify ourselves as survivors of abuse. For example, we recognize physical abuse (violence) as we see it portrayed on TV. However, we often fail to recognize more subtle forms of relational, emotional, financial, sexual and spiritual abuse—even if happens within our own romantic and family relationships.

Here at BTR, we understand that betrayal trauma is NOT limited to our loved ones’ addiction to sex and porn. Because of this understanding, we seek to support women who are healing from a broad spectrum of emotional and relational abuse dynamics.

During your first session, Coach Gaelyn will invite you to share your story, safely and openly. She’ll introduce techniques that are critical to grounding yourself through this period of abuse awareness work, and she’ll recommend specific readings from Lundy Bancroft and Dr. Omar Minwalla, each designed to increase your understanding of emotional abuse within your relationship. Common themes that clients explore include:

  • The Nature (and Mythology) of Abusive Thinking
  • Ten Types of Abusive Men: Do You Know Them When You See Them?
  • Abuse, Addiction and Male Sexuality: The Troubling Trifecta
  • Parenting (also Co-Parenting & Parallel Parenting) with an Abusive Partner
  • Living with an Abusive Man: How to Protect Yourself if You Stay
  • Separating from an Abusive Man: How to Protect Yourself if You Leave
  • Creating an Abuse-Free World: Let it Begin with Me
  • Thirteen Dimensions of Sex Addiction Induced Trauma

During your second and third sessions, Coach Gaelyn will invite you to process your response to these readings, dedicating time to explore highlights that resonate, validate, concern or confuse you. She’ll help you to normalize the emotions that accompany this process and support you through “connecting the dots” within emotionally abusive relationships.

During your fourth session, Coach Gaelyn will help you to summarize and solidify what you’ve learned, deepening the ways you’ve started to recognize and identify emotional abuse within your life and relationships. She’ll recommend focal points for further growth and coaching on this topic, including insights to explore within our next series of individual sessions, How Do I Heal From Emotional Abuse?

For more details, email Coach Gaelyn at gaelyn@btr.org


Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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