Who Am I Beyond Betrayal Trauma?

Coach Gaelyn

Who Am I Beyond Betrayal Trauma?

Recommended Nine Individual Sessions with Coach Gaelyn

Do you feel lost or consumed within this world of addiction, abandonment and abuse? Do you wonder what’s left of YOU, the woman who existed before your world came crashing down? Are you weary from a life that revolves around betrayal trauma? Are you looking for a way to move your soul forward?

If so, these sessions are for YOU!

During each of your nine sessions, strategically spaced according to your preferred pace, Coach Gaelyn will help you to reclaim yourself—the self that has likely been buried a long time beneath the ruins of betrayal trauma. Through a collection of creative activities, bodily exercises and simple-yet-powerful reflection questions, Gaelyn invites you to RELEASE what no longer serves you, RECEIVE what you need to live fully in the present, and RETURN to your role within the world around you—not as a woman carrying the burden of sexual betrayal, but as a woman who survives and thrives BEYOND betrayal trauma.

During each of your nine sessions, strategically spaced, Gaelyn will help you to process these 21 concepts, supporting you to:

  • Release your need to control the outcome
  • Release the expectation of a straight path
  • Release your old stories
  • Release your fear
  • Release what other people think of you
  • Release your tears
  • Release what no longer serves you
  • Receive the gift of darkness
  • Receive stillness
  • Receive healing
  • Receive the sacred
  • Receive your curiosity
  • Receive your divine assignment
  • Receive what you need for the journey
  • Return with generosity and patience
  • Return with your authenticity
  • Return with the sacred
  • Return with your power
  • Return with your original medicine
  • Return with your courage
  • Return with your open heart and ready feet

If you purchase a 12 session package to do these sessions with Coach Gaelyn, you’ll also receive a free workbook ($45 value) and additional original materials.

For more details, email Coach Gaelyn at gaelyn@btr.org

Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video gives you the basics we recommend to get started with your betrayal trauma recovery.

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