Insights From Women Who Participate In Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Summer is really difficult. Many women are trying to push off the pain or white-knuckle through the abuse during the summer because they have awesome vacations planned, they have children at home, they have family coming.

We want to focus on providing the best support through the summer. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group has sessions every single day that are available on your phone. In this podcast, some women want to share how they feel about BTR Group. They stayed after a group one day and recorded their feelings. So today we are going to listen to their experience.

Summer Help To Establish Safety Through Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Specifically for this summer where you may be looking at setting boundaries around your husband’s abusive behaviors during your vacations, say at Disneyland; or “how do I set a boundary around my husband’s abusive behaviors at a family picnic when all of my extended family is there?” Please don’t wait until the Fall to start thinking about this and making your way to safety. It takes a while to get to safety so I’m not saying that one session will solve all your problems, obviously, because boundary work takes time and it takes effort. Please start the process now because getting to safety takes time.

Now you’ll hear three real clients who are currently members of Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group, sharing their experiences:

Validation Through Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Client 1: I really appreciate how you validated everybody, first by listening to them and then by encouraging them in their own insights and in giving them permission to do and be whatever they needed to be in that moment. I have not experienced this in counseling, though I have been to a lot. It has been a trial and I recognize the uniqueness of it and it’s amazing.

Not Sure How to Get Started?

This video will help you get started with your Betrayal Trauma Recovery.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Provides Guidance

Client 2: Betrayal Trauma Recovery has been life-changing for me. I started in November and it is now June. The support I have gotten in the women’s group, whether I’m on video or over the phone, has helped me to share my feelings, my story, and not only have the coaches helped guide me through my own path–because they don’t tell me how to choose to live or choose to recover or how to grow with my husband, it’s more of a guidance.

The fact that I have been able to hear other girls’ stories is amazing. I don’t feel alone. I feel like the knowledge about what other women have done and what their husbands have gone through has taught me to grow; it doesn’t have to be the same scenario. It’s just knowing what they have done that has helped me in the different chapters in my recovery; it has allowed me to make my decision.

I look forward to the group every time I am on here and find it very affordable. Actually, my counselor made me mad one day. He said that women’s groups like to tell each other what to do and that leads to divorce. I told him that’s not true. You guys definitely don’t lead us to make decisions that would cause anyone to choose divorce; that is a huge thing for me because I have heard other places or counselors do that. I definitely recommend BTR to everyone.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Helps Me Know I’m Not Alone

Client 3: My husband was in recovery and having all these meetings each week and having all the help and counseling he needs and I felt like I was being left out in the dark. I was at the end of my rope and needed some counseling myself so I began searching for something to help me. I found BTR. 

This is when I decided what would be best. I began attending and I have found that having this group has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! It has taught me what self-care means; it’s taught me a lot of things about gas lighting and things I had never heard of before. It has helped me through a lot of really hard situations. The Group has been so supportive. The women are amazing. Everyone has their own story to tell and each person gets validation and the support and feedback from the coaches and each other. It is great to know that I am not alone in this, that there are other women who have struggled the same as I have and that I can be there to support them and they can support me.

I lean on this Group a lot when I am going through hard times and I don’t understand everything that is happening with my addict. They help clarify situations for me and give me options about how to handle it. They also give me a place to share. I feel like it is safe and I’m not being judged.

I just want others to know how wonderful the BTR Group has been for me and I recommend it to anyone going through betrayal trauma so they can learn and grow. I feel like I have learned and grown from the first time I began attending to this day. I’ve learned self-worth, self-care…things that I didn’t understand when I started this group. I want to thank all the coaches, every one of them. They are all wonderful ladies.

Anne: I’d like to thank these women for sharing their experience with us today. We are here for you. We are here for you 24/7 on the secret Facebook Group. If you are interested in being in that free peer-to-peer group, go to our website and enter your email to get our newsletter; the first two emails will have the instructions about how to join our free FB group which will give you 24/7 support from other women going through a similar situation. For our Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group which is facilitated by our professional coaches, and for individual sessions with a professional coach, go to our website and click under the Services tab.

Until next week, stay safe out there.

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