Here at Betrayal Trauma Recovery, we often receive heartfelt testimonials regarding the services and support we provide for women who experience betrayal trauma within a relationship. We would like to share some of those testimonials because they stand as a reminder of why we do what we do for the women we do it for. 

Testimonials From Women Who Have Received Help

“I was desperate for help and searched the internet for answers. I came across the Betrayal Trauma Recovery podcast and binged listened to every episode. Knowledge is power.” 

“My husband lives in an upside down world and I find myself lost and confused in his world. BTR invested in me and has impacted my life.” 

“I am in the thick of it. But I have come to understand and know that I will own this pain one day, instead of it owning me.” 

“BTR was a life-saver for me. God brought me to you. You are making a difference.” 

 “Having women who have walked in my shoes is invaluable at the time I needed it the most.” 

“The format of BTR group is the most clear, safe and ethical format I have ever seen.” 

“The validation and guidance is invaluable to me.”

“All of BTR has been a lifeline for me. I love that I am able to get help from home. It is a much needed community for me.” 

“I know I am not alone.” 

Giving Tuesday Campaign For Women To Receive Support 

We are excited for our Giving Tuesday BTR campaign! Giving Tuesday will take place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We encourage you to offer a monthly donation so that we can bring services to women who are in need of them. In this season of giving and reflection, we invite you to give a gift that can help a woman in need be safe and gain valuable tools for her self-worth. 

We remind you to check out our Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group, led by our excellent coaches, as well as our Individual Topic Sessions, where you can receive personalized support for the challenges you face currently. 

We reflect on the blessings and this full circle moment for Betrayal Trauma Recovery with humility and hope for what the future brings. 

Until next week, stay safe out there. 

Not Sure How to Get Started?

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