Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Session Format

Welcome to Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group (aka BTRG)!

As you might expect, each coach contributes something special and unique to our team, including different strengths, areas of specialization, coaching style and personalities.

Because of this, you’ll find that each coach’s sessions have a slightly different feeling and flow than the others. Because we know that safety, stability and consistency are HUGE contributing factors toward healing from trauma, we’ve designed a collaborative and predictable group session format—which means, you’ll know what to expect from our entire lineup of BTRG sessions.

Dependent upon a variety of factors, our coaches may not follow this format to the letter in every single session, but for the sake of consistency, we’ll aim to follow this outline as our framework for each BTRG session.

NOTE: Your coach will note the order in which you and other participants join each group session. She will invite you to share, request feedback and/or ask questions in the order in which you arrived to the session.


FEELINGS: Share 2 or 3 words that describe your feelings right now — just the feeling word, no explanation necessary! Choose feeling words from the feeling wheel below, or feel free to create your own.

Example: Today I’m feeling exhausted, hopeful, and focused.

As your coaches, we want to empower you to OWN your feelings without the need to explain, validate or justify them. To this end, we encourage you to practice simply stating your feelings without describing the circumstances that lead you to feel that way. Later on in the session, you will have a chance to elaborate if you wish.

RECENT SELF-CARE: Share about 1 helpful self-care action you have recently taken on your own behalf. Through this exchange, we learn more about one another, exchange ideas to broaden our own self-care routines, and receive inspiration to care for ourselves well—something we often struggle to do.

WHAT DO I NEED? Choose 1 or 2 of the following that I NEED MOST from our group session:
– A safe space to share about my own struggles and successes
– Feedback or insight from others regarding my own recent and/or upcoming challenges
– Affirmations from other group participants
– Answer to a question about addiction, abuse or sexual betrayal trauma
– Spot-coaching
– Post-session follow-up, support or accountability from another participant
– Freedom to opt-out of interactive exchanges, choosing instead to simply listen as others share
– All of the above, but especially _ .


This week, I would like to spend my session time _________________.
– Example: The high point of my week was being able to enjoy myself at the lake with my kids yesterday.
– Example: I’m having a difficult time at work, but I’m not sure why. Would you coach me through that?
– Example: I don’t fully understand this gaslighting thing. Would you please explain it to me?

After I share, I’ll state my preference for receiving (or not receiving) feedback/insight/questions from others.
I might state this preference as:
– Open Feedback: “I am open to any/all types of feedback:
– No Feedback: “Today I just needed to get that out. I appreciate all of you for holding space this space with me, without offering further comments or questions.”
– Conditional Feedback: “Tonight, I would love to hear your encouragement and support, but I’m not yet ready to brainstorm solutions or suggestions.”


Dependent upon time, your coach will invite you to answer one or more of the following checkout questions:

– Self-Awareness: From this session, my top takeaway is…
– Self-Care: This upcoming week, I anticipate my greatest need for self-care will be…
– Self-Accountability: This upcoming week, I commit to the group that I will…
– Self-Permission: This upcoming week, I will give myself permission to do (or NOT do) the following…
– Self-Acknowledgment: In light of our conversation today, I’m proud of myself for…

If you have questions, please email

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