What We Offer

“You can't start to grieve and heal until you're safe. Because you're unable to process what is happening & has happened while you're being traumatized continually. At Betrayal Trauma Recovery, we offer definitive services to keep you from being hurt over, and over, and over.” - Anne Blythe

Services We Offer

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club gives you access to APSATS led sessions every weekday, with no need to schedule or wait for an appointment. Show up for any (or all!) of our BTR Club 90 minute sessions. As more women join, we’ll add more sessions at no added cost to you.

Support Calls

One-on-one calls with a trained Betrayal Trauma Recovery specialist. Talk on the phone or over video chat. It’s up to you.

If you’re a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club member, you’ll get reduced pricing on a 12 Support Call package.


Healing takes time, and a lot of support. We offer additional classes that run once a week for up to 24 weeks, depending on the topic.

These classes start once they fill.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club members get 20% off classes.