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Use any device - phone, computer or tablet - to get meaningful help from APSATS trained coaches, who specialize in supporting women affected by abuse & infidelity.
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Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Confidential, daily, online group sessions provide the network of support you need to heal. Never suffer alone again.

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One-on-one sessions with a trained Betrayal Trauma Recovery Specialist. Get the tools and topics you need to establish peace in your home.

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Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Attend private APSATS led sessions every day, with no need to schedule or wait for an appointment. Show up for any (or all!) of our 90 minute group sessions. As more women join, we’ll add more sessions at no added cost to you.


I didn’t know what to expect, but from the first day, I could feel the support of other women and a great experience of Coach Sarah. Women in our group were experiencing similar challenges, so it was easy to share with them and support them. It was a great source of healing for me … it helped me to feel much better during difficult times. 

Individual Sessions

Healing takes time and a lot of support. Individual sessions are 50 minutes, one-on-one, and take place online via phone or video, whichever you prefer. Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group members get 10% off.

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The BTR group was life changing for me. It challenged me out of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to make the hard choices for the betterment of my family and out of love for myself, my husband . . . I have been deeply impacted by hearing of the other ladies struggles and victories as well as having been able to learn from their stories and journeys. I made life altering decisions out of the influence from the group.

BTR has been such a validating and positive experience. This process has given me the courage to face some of my demons regarding triggers and issues with physical intimacy that I had been hiding from. It has also given me clarity about my next steps and ideas to improve my relationship. I have a clearer idea of how I want to integrate this whole nightmare into my life in a really positive way!

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