Workbook Study: Facing Heartbreak


16 Weeks
Led By Coach Rae
Starts March 1, 2018
Limited to 12 participants (minimum 6)

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16 Weeks
Led By Coach Rae
Starts March 1, 2018
Limited to 12 participants (minimum 6)

  • Are you trying to wrap your mind around abuse & porn addiction.
  • Are you confused and overwhelmed by betrayal trauma symptoms?
  • Are you feeling (a) stuck in the past, (b) wounded in the present, or (c) ambivalent about the future?
  • Are you struggling to get traction toward your next stage of healing and hope?
If so, please consider joining us for Facing Heartbreak, BTR’s most popular Workbook Study group. During this four-month journey, Coach Rae leads participants through a series of specific, sequential and strategic topics, including 20 of the most important challenges faced by women recovering from betrayal trauma, including . . . 
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual trauma (self-assessment)
  • Creating my personal shield of safety
  • Planning for outreach, support, and self-care
  • Improving my awareness: identifying manipulation, deception and reality distortion
  • My betrayal trauma timeline: documenting key events, emotions, and ideas
  • Naming and normalizing my losses
  • Making peace (or making progress toward peace) with my present reality
  • Time to talk back: writing my own, unfiltered letter to abuse & sex addiction
  • Coping through shame, denial, distraction and emotional numbness
  • Navigating the anger
  • Communication patterns, pitfalls, and planning
  • Expressing the enormity of it all: writing my emotional impact letter
  • Making my own empowered choices
  • What about forgiveness?
  • Choosing my next steps
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