Coach Sara S-K


Sara is a Certified Professional Betrayal Trauma Recovery and Relationship, Life and Leadership Coach, with 5 years of combined betrayal trauma, recovery and coaching experience. Sara has lived through some of life’s hardest traumas, healing and finding herself in nature while summiting mountain peaks, hiking trails in the Grand Canyon and stand up paddling deep into the Pacific Ocean. Combining her own real life experiences with her Professional certifications, Sara guides clients through the process of re-discovering who they are and would like to become.

Sara’s specialty and passion is working with clients to uncover their values, setting boundaries with self and others, setting goals for their future while living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. She has specific experience coaching women who’s husbands engage in compulsive sexual behaviors with other men. Sara was trained through APSATS (CPC-c), received her professional coaching certification through the Coaches Training Institute (CPC) and is Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certified. Sara is the only Life and Leadership Coach trained through APSATS to guide women and men on coaching and hiking retreats throughout the United States, primarily in the Grand Canyon.


Sara’s method isn’t to teach weak people to be strong, but rather to teach strong people to apply their strength in the right direction, against the right obstacle, and with a conviction to make that obstacle move.

T, California, USA


Personally, I have not seen a benefit from “therapists”. I came to Sara when a lot of personal things were coming at me at once (very nasty divorce, a Father diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, twin girls, friendships falling apart, weight gain, etc.). I felt overwhelmed, down in the dumps and just unable to cope with how to live day to day. She took a realistic, raw approach to my life, let each week speak for itself and evolve. I always felt I had a partner and someone who truly cared about my success. I love how she gave me personal challenges and helped me to think about things in a different light. I loved how she was flexible and allowed my emotions each week to drive the tasks she had for me and re-focus me on my challenges. It is not an easy process but the tools Sara gives will last you a lifetime!

H, New Jersey, USA