Therapeutic Disclosures & Therapeutic Polygraphs


Therapeutic Disclosures & Polygraphs
4 Sessions
Led By Coach Sarah
REGISTER - The group will start as soon as it fills. Day and time will be determined by participants.
Limited to 6 participants (minimum 3)

Safety. Boundaries. Keys to healing for partners. But how do I have these things if I don’t have the full story?

How do I find the “truth”?  

With all the withholding of information, gaslighting, and outright lies, how can I trust that I’ve finally, “heard it all”?  

Most professionals in the porn/sex addiction world consider a Therapeutic Disclosure the key for establishing the truth for the partner. Many will require a polygraph test following the disclosure to help increase the chances of getting the full truth.  In this group, Coach Sarah will:

  • Inform you of the reasons why professionals recommend a Therapeutic Disclosure/Polygraph for your healing and the healing of the relationship.
  • Share the pros and cons of each experience.
  • Discuss the frequently asked questions (Including, “What can I expect to hear in a disclosure?”), as well as allow time for you to add your own questions.
  • Equip you for the process of forming a “Care Plan” for each experience.
  • Introduce you to the difficult process of “Pre-Disclosure Prep”/”Pre-Polygraph Prep” (The vast majority of this work should be done with the support of your therapist).

In each group coaching session, you’ll experience a safe place to voice your questions and receive feedback, validation, and encouragement.

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