How Can I Protect & Heal My Children?

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How Can I Protect & Heal My Children
2 Hour Class
Led by Coach Rae
REGISTER - The group will start as soon as it fills. Day and time will be determined by participants.
Limited to 12 participants (minimum 6)

This is your chance to ask questions about your specific family dynamics - and to learn from questions posed by other women in similar situations. Guest Coach Lori Rubenstein is a divorce, mediation and child advocacy EXPERT - and she'll respond with direct, knowledgable and realistic feedback, all within a safe group environment. 90 minutes of workshop time with Coach Lori and Coach Rae, followed by a 30-minute process group (optional) with Coach Rae immediately afterward. *Originally designed for women in various stages of separation or divorce, this workshop also warmly welcomes women who are healing within relationships impacted by sexual betrayal.

Common Questions:

  • What measures can I take to protect my kids, particularly at times when they're not with me?
  • Are my requests reasonable?
  • Are my expectations realistic?
  • Should my kids be in counseling? If so, how do I choose the right kind of counsellor?
  • What if my ex won't respect my boundaries?
  • What if my kids are exposed to porn while they're with my ex?
  • My ex blames me for the divorce because I'm the one who filed. Now he's telling the kids that I'm the reason our family isn't together. How do I deal with that?
  • I hate that my kids have been hurt by their father's actions and my responses to it. how can help them heal from this family trauma?

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