Journey To Healing & Joy

Journey To Healing & Joy
Sunday, October 1

Each of our lives is a story; and right now, your story is filled with the pain that comes when we
experience sexual betrayal.

This group uses the workbook Journey to Healing and Joy – A Workbook for Partners of Sexual Addicts written by Marsha Means as a supplement to a book she wrote with Barbara Steffens, Your Sexually Addicted Spouse. In that book, Barbara explains her purpose in writing the book, which was “…to help you survive, recover, and thrive no matter what your partner does…”

In this 15 week Facebook group, Coach Laura will walk with you as you travel your own path to
healing and joy. The suggested reading and healing exercises included in this workgroup will
help you to better understand and process the trauma you’re experiencing. During these 15
weeks, you will walk alongside other women who share in your pain, your struggles, your hope,
your victories, and ultimately your joy. We will explore together why labels like “codependent”
don’t really serve us on this journey – even if we are, because it’s trauma that we’re healing

In the safe community of this group, you will

  • Come to terms with your reality, so that you can better face it, address it, and grow in it
  • Explore and process the many emotions you are struggling with – anger, shame, sadness, fear, decreased self-esteem, loneliness – and develop a plan and learn strategies to handle these feelings in a way that is healthy and authentic
  • Learn the beautiful freeing practice of detachment and develop skills leading to your personal empowerment
  • Develop a self-care plan that goes beyond “eating right, sleeping well, and exercising” (though those are important, too), but also includes supportive, nurturing relationships, within and outside of this group, dealing with our negative thoughts, false beliefs, managing triggers, and finding and practicing ways to relax and find joy, exploring what it means to be who you are, what your values are and how to put those into practice
  • Grieve your losses
  • Create and enforce boundaries through the development of effective consequences
  • Explore the idea of forgiveness without pressure to act before you’re ready or before it’s healthy
  • What it takes to trust again
  • How to get your needs met
  • Find your voice and speak your truth
  • Begin to develop a plan to live a life of authenticity based on your values, rather than your fears

By the end of 15 weeks, you will have a plan in place for your healing, and yes, even for joy. You will have grown in your bond with this community of women who share in your struggles, and you will recognize within yourselves and each other your strengths and your unique gifts that will enable you to thrive beyond betrayal.