Healing & Growing Through Grief


Interactive Webinar: Healing & Growing Through Grief
One 2-Hour Class, Led by Coach Rae
Limited to 12 participants (minimum 6)

Webinar Description: For women reeling from sexual betrayal, grief is a frightening, confusing and unpredictable process. Grief involves “feeling our way” through the evolution of its pain and trauma, facing losses that are immeasurable, irreversible and indeterminate. Some women heal alone in the aftermath of relationships that don’t survive, while others seek to heal in close proximity to their sexually addicted loved ones. Both realities create complex internal and interpersonal dynamics—the kind that can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to navigate alone.

The good news is, you are NOT alone! In this webinar, Healing and Growing through Grief, Coach Rae will explain why sexual and relational abandonment triggers such an acute and unique grieving process, teaching participants to:

  • Recognize and identify a grief response when it happens, using the unique and effective "SWIRL" model—along with its easy-to-remember visual and verbal cues.
  • Utilize this recognition to (a) improve self-awareness, (b) increase self-compassion, (c) accelerate your healing from sexual/relational abandonment, and (d) advance the process of resolving your betrayal trauma.
  • Initiate a SAFE, strategic plan for detailing the damage, making peace (or making progress) with those losses, and engaging an intentional period of grief recovery. 
  • Learn to leverage your grief responses into an internal advantage, using them to motivate, fuel and facilitate deep, lasting and meaningful post-traumatic growth.

This webinar is designed to ask and answer YOUR tough questions about grief, grieving and betrayal trauma. Here are some popular questions asked by Coach Rae’s clients:

  • I think what I'm feeling is grief. But how do I know for sure? 
  • Are these feelings “normal?” Or am I overreacting?
  • Why do I miss him, even though he abused and abandoned me?
  • My husband, family and friends don’t get me. Am I resigned to grieve alone, invisible and isolated?
  • Am I strong enough to tolerate an intentional grief process or intensive grief retreat? 
  • What if I "open Pandora's box" and discover I can't survive what comes flooding out?
  • Is grieving necessary? What if I’m NOT grieving, but feel like I should be? 
  • Will grief actually help me? Or will I risk getting stuck in my pain from the past?
  • I thought I was done grieving! So why do I still get hit with these waves of it? 
  • I’m grieving, but not healing. Am I doing something wrong?
  • My grief is unpredictable, striking at the most confusing and  inconvenient times. How do I handle THAT?
  • Is grief recovery truly possible?
  • Is there a point when grief becomes unhealthy?
  • How do I grieve the bad stuff without losing the good stuff?
  • This pain feels like death, but it also feels different. What's up with that?

After the webinar, you’ll leave with three of Coach Rae’s favorite takeaways:
    • Top Ten Tips for Healing and Growing through Grief
    • Top Ten Quotes about Loss, Grief and Healing
    • Top Ten Reasons Why Grief is a Good Thing—Even Though it Feels TERRIBLE!

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