Update: Anne's Journey To Trust Herself & Heal From Betrayal Trauma

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Grateful For My Betrayal Trauma Journey

On this 4th of July, I want to give my thanks for all of you, for being on this recovery journey with me. I feel more free, more happy even though my problems are the same. I still have serious financial problems. My ex is still abusive, so I have to maintain the no contact boundary with him.
I’m grateful for myself that I’ve been continuing my own work to recovery from the narcissistic abuse that I suffered as a result of my husband’s pornography addiction. I continued to do the right things, even when it was hard, and even when I didn’t feel like it. And now the peace and hope I feel is breathtaking. Doing this one step at a time, things get better.

APSATS Coaches Help Women Heal From The Pain Of Infidelity & Abuse

I’m also grateful for the APSATS coaches that work for Betrayal Trauma Recovery. I interact with them everyday, and because of them and God, I’m feeling healed. I need to take a moment to celebrate that.

Rebuilding Trust In Yourself

Coach Sarah is known in the APSATS community as an expert in boundaries. She's starting a Betrayal & Boundaries group, specifically about how to set and hold healthy boundaries when you’re involved with a man who is a sex addict / pornography addict, and exhibits narcissistic traits like gaslighting and lying.
These spots go fast, so if you’re interested join right away.
Next week Coach Sarah, Coach Rae, and Coach Kim will be on the podcast to talk about Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club.

Why APSATS Coaching Is Your Best Option For Dealing With Your Husband’s Pornography Addiction, Gaslighting, & Abuse

I was recently APSATS trained, and I came away realizing that therapy is for pathological issues. Coaching is for women who don’t have anything wrong with them, like you. You are in a situation that is very difficult, with a man who has serious pathological issues, but you are reacting in normal ways to betrayal and abuse. But there is nothing wrong with you. You are just fine the way you are.
Your problems are situational, and our APSATS coaches can help you establish emotional, physical, and sexual safety in your life.
That’s why we use coaches - to help you deal with the situation that you’re in. Schedule a support call today or join a group and start to feel the support and peace you deserve.