Face Your Husband's Pornography Addiction
& Related Behaviors With Support & Confidence

"I was a mess, trying to make sense of what happened, and I just couldn't. I sought help from every possible source. I saw a few different therapists . . . I ended up re-traumatized more than once because of some of the things I was told by other professionals. But, Coach Sarah got it. She gave me the best help of all." - L, Texas, USA

Support while you navigate your husband’s sex addiction and related behaviors such as . . .

The consequences of your man's sexual addiction can cause you to experience . . .

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Depression

  • Despair

  • Hopelessness

  • Financial Difficulties

  • Abandonment

Betrayal Trauma Recovery professionals can help you establish emotional safety and peace in your home. 

If your husband has confessed his lies, compulsive sexual behaviors, and narcissistic personality, and promised to change, Betrayal Trauma Recovery APSATS Coaches will give you tools to know if the changes are real.

“The opportunity to work with Coach Cat came over two years from discovery date. But that time, I was fed up with recovery, feeling very tired of it all. With Cat’s help, I feel re-energized and positive again. I only wish such support had been available to me during the early crisis time when I felt so alone, so ashamed and so scared.” – F, England

"Being part of Coach Karen's group was wonderful. Every week, I looked forward to the fellowship of other women going through the same struggles, and the wisdom, guidance, and mentorship that Karen so graciously shared with us. Her compassion, empathy, and genuine care for each woman and each unique struggle, lifted my spirit. Walking the path of infidelity and betrayal is life shattering. Being part of this group brought me out of that despair and I have formed lasting friendships from it." A, Idaho, USA

"I was a very broken woman when I found Coach Rae. She had the experience and the genuine goodness within her to help women in my position, women who came to her feeling worthless and alone. I appreciate very much the help and guidance she has been able to offer me and would recommend her expertise to anyone else in the same position." — C, California, USA

"I'm so amazed and grateful to have come across your podcast. I've experienced the devastating sadness of not only the abuse, but the loss and subsequent emotional confusion and inconsolable emotional pain. I can't write anymore just now as its too painful and I've been crying for three days non stop. I've no idea how I came across your beautiful, courageous podcast. I'm at the other end of the world. Thank you!!! God Bless!!!" - M, Austrailia